Wednesday, January 19, 2005


mommy needs to get her ears working NOW! She let me outside for a poo poo and never let me in again! I think she was on the computer, I cried and cried but because her ear is plugged she couldn't hear me. Lucky for me it wasn't raining anymore and it is really warm out today (+11) but I still didn't want to be outside that long. I think she feels bad though she gave me a cookie.

She went back to the vet this morning. She came home with ear drops just like I had once. I hated those ear drops. She didn't seem to mind them as much. She told me that she has an ear infection now too - along with the tube ear. Poor mommy.

I'm going to hide the second cookie mommy gave me and save it until later.

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  1. Minou - I'm so sorry that your Mommy left you outside. I read what you said about Mommy's ear and hiding your cookie to Uncle Andrew. After he stopped laughing he said that Mommy should write a book where she pretends she's you. I think Uncle Andrew is confused. For some reason he thinks Mommy writes this blog, not you.

    Have a good day!
    Auntie Steph