Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They are home - the look soooo tired!!!

Their call yesterday was 7:30 am so they were up early to get out to Langley. But they didn't start setting up for their shot until 7:00 pm. That is a long day for puppies who like to sleep in and go to bed early.
Apparently Minou was LOVING it. I'm not totally surprised. She loves attention and likes to show off. She did it all perfectly - going to her mark, putting her feet up on the bar, speaking on command. They did both have costumes on but apparently they kept switching them all around - Georgina wasn't sure if they ended up with clothes on or not. Birdie did good - just not as god, she was just along for the ride doing what the rest of them did.
There was even two chihuahuas brought up from L.A. by a trainer - Minou was doing just as good as them! I'm going to have to put her in more acting classes this summer - obviously.

They didn't get home until after 11:00 last night. They could barely keep their little eyes open. When I said let's go to bed they ran up the stairs without stopping and were sleeping before I got up there. This morning their little eyes still look really tired. Such cuties.

I have to be off to work now. I'm sure they will seep the day away. I'm so proud of them!!! Georgina has pictures - if she sends them to me I'll post what I can.

Boob update - it is green!!! Yeehaw!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Monday, February 25, 2008

Best Pamphlet Ever
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Maybe this should be Birdie's pamphlet. Just substitute the raccoon for her!

Can Not Get Motivated this morning..... UHHHHHH... Struggling...
I had boot camp this am - nearly killed me. we are back outside now that the snow is done and let me tell you sprinting across a soccer field is ALOT more work then sprinting across a small multipurpose room.
The girls are still gone. Today is their day off. Hope they get to do something fun. We will have to take them to the doggy deli as a reward for being such good puppies.... I noticed today another little chihuahua friend who has recently gotten a modeling job.
ok. must do something. I need to go shopping for my artsclub show. Thank goodness the malls don't open until 10:00 and you never want to look to eager when you have returns. I'll go closer to 11:30.
ok. I am going to try and accomplish something. I am. Promise. Oh maybe I'll post some more homework I am working on just for a bit of visual content.

We have to take a modern ad of some sort and make it look historical. Not the most thrilling choice but I find those old woodblock posters was the gazillion fonts funny.
I could take a picture of my boob which is finally turning purple - I think you would all rather see the poster - trust me.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 3 No puppies

Got a message from their trainer today - Georgina from Dogstars.

Apparently they are doing really well! I can't believe it. They were rehearsing on set today. They were going to their mark, sitting and even speaking on command!!!! I can't believe it. They have even made some little chihuahua friends!

I hope they don't forget us little people. I miss them but I am glad they are msking me proud. If they really like it I am going to have to get them to do things more often!

This week my homework is to make a pamphlet. So I am back to Birdie's monkey business as I don't have a lot of images of anything else. I'm starting to think I should be working on publicity kits for them instead!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

1. There is no date for a wedding.
2. I have no bridesmaids.
3. I am not engaged.


would these not make the cutest bridesmaid dresses????? It is sooo tempting to make some friends go buy them at banana republic so that one day we'll have them. Mind you we all might be 20 years older and then dresses would never fit them. Sigh...

Still it is a GREAT DRESS!
Day 2
No puppies...

no one woke us up to go pee pee this morning. No little licks on my nose at 6:00am..
SOOOO quiet.....
how much longer until they come back????

Friday, February 22, 2008

They are gone. It is quiet without them - already - and it has barely been 15 minutes!!!
I am pathetic.

I hope they do well. Some else needs to start helping with the mortgage.

Dictator is gone too - out for supper with his brother. I guess I'll just have to play on my SHINY NEW COMPUTER!! I do have some graphic design homework to do.... for true!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We are going tomorrow!! We are both going for rehersals for a movie!!!! It is for this movie!!! A REAL movie...
We have been practisin a little tonight and mommy has to pack our overnight bag because we will be gone for 5 days.... EEPS....
Georgina said she would try and take pictures and send them to mommy - if she does we'll post them. (if we can)
See you when we get back! we'll sign autographs then!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Assignment 4, magazine ad
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Here we go again.... This one is due for Sat. I am off to a late start considering how much there is left to do. You get to see the pretty picture - you don't get to see all the addition support material I have to do for it. I still need to make a logo for it as well. EEPS.
Did I mention I am back at work now! No time no time!
- A

Monday, February 18, 2008

I just have to share this little email conversation with everyone - it made me smile. Names have been obliterated to protect the guilty.

I would take it but it probably doesn't pay so good...
(insert craiglist job posting from the uk that is based in belguim)

isn't (insert odd name) the name of one of the cirque people and wasn't (insert name of lucky ass friend) in belguim building stuff??? what are you doing surfing uk job ads?

yes- it is the very same company-pretty crappy job hey? You would probably only get to travel to a few exotic places and only get paid a few measley thousand a week. I was looking for accommodation for our trip and my hand slipped...
(Lucky ass friend) will be in Vegas from April to September- we should go visit!

We SHOULD and we should both apply for that job.. heh heh would the boys kill us?

we wouldn't care because we would be so glamorous that we would attract new and better husbands who are rich princes from Monaco that look like Johnny Depp and young David Bowie and they love us so much because we are so talented and glamorous that they buy us each a jet plane and an island-The islands are close by so we can still visit each other.Also all the film and theatre people who ever slighted us in the least here are consumed with jealousy and spend the rest of their natural lives in mortal agony knowing that they had their chance to be nice to us and they blew it. Except (insert my most hated employer) and (insert T-dawg's most hated empoyer) - they will instantly burst into tiny nuclear explosions and nothing will be left...the end

I think T-Dawg writes a good happy ending non?
Mommy sent our headshots in for a casting call today - we might be in a commercial/movie or something.... HEE HEEEEE!!!!! It would shoot next weekend. We get to sit on barstools wearing ponchos.
Apparently there is already a blonde chihuahua who has been picked so I might not get picked which would suck because I am a way better actor then Birdie and I have lots of experience on movie sets with Mommy - even on stage. But whoever is picked doesn't get to come home for five days. So if Birdie was gone for 5 days that would be AWESOME! heh heh. Maybe we would move while she was gone and then she wouldn't be able to find us again.

Still I think I should be in the movie.
I'd be great. Steal the whole show.

ok first of all I didn't take these pictures, and they aren't even from the vancouver show BUT I went. YIPPEE!!!!!!
I am feeling much better. I didn't wake up during the night cause I couldn't swallow. My ear doesn't hurt anymore.
I did go to the concert. Still didn't feel hot as of 6:00 last night but showered and got dressed. Not as 'dressed' as one should be for a marilyn manson concert but dressed none the less - as in I was no longer wearing a dirty dog haired covered shirt with fever sweat on it, a pair of old yoga pants and three very stylish barrettes in my extremely greasy hair. It doesn't take much to step up from that.
It was great. His new album sucks so I was a little worried but he only played 3 songs from it. He kept yelling "1996!" and then he would play an old song that none of the little kids that were at the show knew. heh heh. Yah for people over 30!!!!! The dictator looked around at one point and said "this audience looks like they belong at the police concert" heh heh. Us old folks. heh heh. It was fun. lots of old school gimmicks. We were in the 4th row just off the centre. You could see him spit - which he did alot of which was DISGUSTING. Threw alot of mikes into the audience.... hmmm what else. Not sure. it was fun. I feel better...
Now I have to get back to work and get something done before Tuesday.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

went to the doctor...
it wasn't just the flu
I have bronchitis

and yes my boob is still yellow with a faint purple hue

i'm going to sleep the afternoon away in hopes I can muster up enough energy to sit through Marilyn Manson tonight. I don't want to miss the concert. I can just sit there and enjoy the show right? Buy a t-shirt. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in sooner rather then later. (I know the usual is 24 hours)

welcome to my world.

on the good side Minou and Birdie seem to love spending all day on the couch with me cuddling. although I wish I could take them for a walk it is a beautiful sunny day outside.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

my boob is yellow
and I am still sick.


Friday, February 15, 2008

i think this will be the final one unless steph edits it. have to hand it in tomorrow and am not feeling up to much else right now.
still feeling ill. i don't think it is an infection, just a flu. nice timing. anybody want to trade bodies? i am so over mine. it has been nothing but trouble. maybe it would get along with someone else better. i've tried to be good to it - it just doesn't like me.
until someone trades with me i'm curled up on the couch with the girls. birdie is dreaming next to me twitching and barking in her sleep. minou is curled up down by my feet. out of juice - anyone want to bring me some juice?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

i am ill. lying in bed.
throat hurts like crazy.
every muscle hurts.

is it a lousy coincidence and a flu bug or am i getting an infection from the biopsy.

happy valentine's day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Does anyone else see the similarities?

Does anyone else see the similarities?
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We noticed this while watching start trek last night. Dictator even held Birdie up to the screen. It is a little frightening non? I think we have next years halloween costume...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Isn't it pretty? My credit card just bought it for me. My credit card is so nice to me. I just don't like his friend Bill very much.

With the hellish week I am in the middle of and all the other crap in my life I decided to get a new computer. I need one. This morning my little ibook decided it was sleeping in and wouldn't turn on for 2 hours. Real pain in the neck when you need to print something out before you head off somewhere. It is just a matter of time before it never wakes up again.

Happy happy.

When I get all depressed on Wednesday and am whining about having my boob cut off or something else equally dramatic perhaps you can remind me about my new shiny computer that is in the mail. Who needs a boob when you have a shiny computer.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

We are changing the look a little. It is a little sparse right now but I am having fun....
I miss some of the pictures I had in the sidebar but I can't figure out how to add them back.... Hmmmm

here is another version......
It is 2:51am. I can't sleep. Haven't been sleeping much the past few days - well at night that is. 2:00pm I am out like a light. So I decided to get up and be productive. Working on my homework for this week. Now I have to make Birdie a mailer.

Assignment 3 - Birdie's Mailer in the works
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Steph I need your help! I need a rewrite...... any suggestions? I guess I can give you a couple of days... If you need it. But I'm not going to pay you a cent. Understood?
I still don't know what she is selling - I'm pretty good at being vague eh?

My little story sucks, but I want the opera and biting monkeys for sure. And I don't like the 'noses taste good' line either....
When I am done school we should start a business. You do the slogans and stuff and I'll make the pictures.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm having a really bad week.
I'm freaked out about my own health now and there isn't much I can do but wait until test results are back.
I'd like to think it is nothing but I seem to have a knack for attracting weird illnesses at odd times. (Like shingles at the age of 21) If there is a one in thousand chance I am usually that one.
I hope this is nothing. I don't know how long it will take to find out.
More tests are happening next week.
I'm just a little scared.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Minou's boo boo

Minou's boo boo
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It is my bruise from the IV. Kind of hard to see cause Mommy is a lousy photo taker. But you get the idea... I feel much better though aside from my pitch black hard as rock poo poo.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am home.
I don't feel very good anymore - the sugar rush wore off pretty quickly when I got to the vet.
They gave me many many needles.
I still didn't throw up or poop though.I won't give up my chocolate that easily. Last night I slept with mommy on the couch. I don't usually let her cuddle me that much but I liked it last night. I didn't feel good so I cried a little and let her kiss my head all night.
When she took the pink bandage off my leg she started to cry again. They ripped a bunch of my skin so it was all bloody and scabbed in two spots, and then she saw the big bruise from the IV. It is kind of shocking. My leg is only 3/4" wide there and it spans the entires width and is about 1" long. A nice dark purple with some yellow mixed in, you can clearly see it under my blonde hair. I don't think I will let anyone touch it today.
Luckily Mommy doesn't have to go anywhere until Daddy gets home from work do she can watch me and Birdie all day....

Monday, February 4, 2008

Minou is in the hospital.
I am worried again....

She is to smart for her own good. While I was at work she went on the table and took a 70% dark chocolate bar, opened the plastic wrapper and ate half of it.

She was definitely on a sugar rush and super hyper.

I called th ER vet and they said get her to the nearest vet ASAP to induce vomiting. Unfortunately she ate it too long ago so vomiting isn't working. When they did the math for her weight and how much she had eaten they were all very concerned. I had to leave her there so they could hook her up to an IV and a few other things in an attempt to flush out her system.

As we weren't sure who had actually consumed the chocolate bar they induced vomiting with Birdie too. Birdie's vomit was clear though and they think she is fine. She is heavily sedated in my arms now though. Doesn't even seem to know where she is.

I hope Minou is ok........

Sunday, February 3, 2008

One week into classes and I just had to turn down my first graphic design (entry level) job (Thanks T-dawg). Poops!
It was to be in the art department on this movie.
I still might get a few days though - all is not lost.

In the meantime my homework this week was designing a business card for Birdie. I made the mistake of designing a logo for her last week and this week we had to take our logo and turn it into a business card. Needless to say this has all gone to Birdie's head and she is being very demanding. I had to make several versions before she picked one she liked. Even then it required much tweaking. After all that she still can't tell me what her business is - she called it Monkey Bytes. Sounds very high tech but all I can tell is that she chews on monkeys.

I have to go to the mall now - finish shopping before my artsclub photoshoot tomorrow. Don't really want to though....

Friday, February 1, 2008

Steph are you jealous?

My accident in Seattle
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Felted green keens with terry cloth lining.. HEE HEE HEE