Monday, February 25, 2008

Can Not Get Motivated this morning..... UHHHHHH... Struggling...
I had boot camp this am - nearly killed me. we are back outside now that the snow is done and let me tell you sprinting across a soccer field is ALOT more work then sprinting across a small multipurpose room.
The girls are still gone. Today is their day off. Hope they get to do something fun. We will have to take them to the doggy deli as a reward for being such good puppies.... I noticed today another little chihuahua friend who has recently gotten a modeling job.
ok. must do something. I need to go shopping for my artsclub show. Thank goodness the malls don't open until 10:00 and you never want to look to eager when you have returns. I'll go closer to 11:30.
ok. I am going to try and accomplish something. I am. Promise. Oh maybe I'll post some more homework I am working on just for a bit of visual content.

We have to take a modern ad of some sort and make it look historical. Not the most thrilling choice but I find those old woodblock posters was the gazillion fonts funny.
I could take a picture of my boob which is finally turning purple - I think you would all rather see the poster - trust me.

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