Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 3 No puppies

Got a message from their trainer today - Georgina from Dogstars.

Apparently they are doing really well! I can't believe it. They were rehearsing on set today. They were going to their mark, sitting and even speaking on command!!!! I can't believe it. They have even made some little chihuahua friends!

I hope they don't forget us little people. I miss them but I am glad they are msking me proud. If they really like it I am going to have to get them to do things more often!

This week my homework is to make a pamphlet. So I am back to Birdie's monkey business as I don't have a lot of images of anything else. I'm starting to think I should be working on publicity kits for them instead!

1 comment:

  1. I can picture it now:

    "And the Oscar goes to...oh, it's a tie! Can you believe it?

    The Oscar goes to Minou and Birdie!!"