Monday, February 18, 2008

I just have to share this little email conversation with everyone - it made me smile. Names have been obliterated to protect the guilty.

I would take it but it probably doesn't pay so good...
(insert craiglist job posting from the uk that is based in belguim)

isn't (insert odd name) the name of one of the cirque people and wasn't (insert name of lucky ass friend) in belguim building stuff??? what are you doing surfing uk job ads?

yes- it is the very same company-pretty crappy job hey? You would probably only get to travel to a few exotic places and only get paid a few measley thousand a week. I was looking for accommodation for our trip and my hand slipped...
(Lucky ass friend) will be in Vegas from April to September- we should go visit!

We SHOULD and we should both apply for that job.. heh heh would the boys kill us?

we wouldn't care because we would be so glamorous that we would attract new and better husbands who are rich princes from Monaco that look like Johnny Depp and young David Bowie and they love us so much because we are so talented and glamorous that they buy us each a jet plane and an island-The islands are close by so we can still visit each other.Also all the film and theatre people who ever slighted us in the least here are consumed with jealousy and spend the rest of their natural lives in mortal agony knowing that they had their chance to be nice to us and they blew it. Except (insert my most hated employer) and (insert T-dawg's most hated empoyer) - they will instantly burst into tiny nuclear explosions and nothing will be left...the end

I think T-Dawg writes a good happy ending non?

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  1. t-dawg rocks.

    Can I live on the island as your personal bakery chef?