Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They are home - the look soooo tired!!!

Their call yesterday was 7:30 am so they were up early to get out to Langley. But they didn't start setting up for their shot until 7:00 pm. That is a long day for puppies who like to sleep in and go to bed early.
Apparently Minou was LOVING it. I'm not totally surprised. She loves attention and likes to show off. She did it all perfectly - going to her mark, putting her feet up on the bar, speaking on command. They did both have costumes on but apparently they kept switching them all around - Georgina wasn't sure if they ended up with clothes on or not. Birdie did good - just not as god, she was just along for the ride doing what the rest of them did.
There was even two chihuahuas brought up from L.A. by a trainer - Minou was doing just as good as them! I'm going to have to put her in more acting classes this summer - obviously.

They didn't get home until after 11:00 last night. They could barely keep their little eyes open. When I said let's go to bed they ran up the stairs without stopping and were sleeping before I got up there. This morning their little eyes still look really tired. Such cuties.

I have to be off to work now. I'm sure they will seep the day away. I'm so proud of them!!! Georgina has pictures - if she sends them to me I'll post what I can.

Boob update - it is green!!! Yeehaw!


  1. Oh those poor wee starlets. I hope they don't fall in with the wrong crowd on set. I've heard about what is going on with "young Howl-y-wood"...

  2. Aw, sweeties. Sophie would never make it in the biz.