Saturday, March 1, 2008

Outside of Birdie's BrochureInside of brochure
Here is Birdie's brochure for her ever expanding empire. I hope she realizes how much work it is to run a business. It isn't all naps and petting all the time.....

I am busy with work and school. Feeling a little stressed out these days. One more week until the show goes into the theatre and I still have so much to do.....

Allergies are kicking - time to get some meds. Ahhhh spring is in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. sorry those pics are a little big!

  2. can't stop laughing.

    Ever expanding empire. Heh heh.

  3. Ha, I love it!

    I hope I get a monkey infestation!

  4. Robin is interested in the rights for the East Coast franchise. She has experience with monkeys, sheep, bunnies, also the wild squirrels in the trees, any bird outside that dares to fly over her yard, as well as cat wrestling. She has one year of experience.