Saturday, March 8, 2008

help help

we get to have a 6x9 postcard printed. Of anything we want. 50 copies.
Only problem is I only have a week left to design it and it just happens to be this week when I am stuck in the theatre most days... so I need to finish ASAP.
I wanted to make it something useful but the only thing I could think of was my portfolio. I am SO over my portfolio these days. So over designing costumes for people who only do their best to make you miserable.
So I tried a bunch - even had the teacher look at it. But it bores me to death. I've been playing with those drawings for years.
So do I stick with the practical portfolio thing OR do I do something completely useless but way more fun - my puppies.
Which one do I get printed? Any other ideas?

1.option 1
2.option 2
3.option 3
4.option 4
5.option 5
6.another version
7.option gazillion billion
8.option 6


  1. number 2 or number 8 - both are awesome

  2. I'm going to have to vote for 1 or 2. While I love Minou and Birdie to bits... I think that having these really cool cards would be very nice for your portfolio.

    You will get an awesome job with them, with people who know that you're amazing and that they're lucky to have you even standing in the same room with them... and then maybe you could become an all powerful costume designer and no one would ever make you miserable again.

    I certainly wouldn't.

    (plus, the dogs need tiny business cards; They are chihuahuas, after all.)

  3. I love 6 and 8. You could use the pups card as a correspondence card but I do love the dressform.

  4. I like 2 and 6 and agree with Steph that tiny puppies need tiny business cards!

  5. Either 4 or 5, I love the dressform in 6 however, the two images of the costume on the left make the card a bit busy.

    I agree with Steph too that Minou and Birdie need tiny business cards.

  6. pip and daisy's mommyMarch 10, 2008 at 4:50 PM

    I like number 2 best (and I don't mean poop.) Of course Daisy and Pip like number 8 best. The dress form is cool but I think it makes the layout a bit too busy.