Sunday, March 16, 2008

Angie was just here. We were playing Dance dance revolution and totally lost track of time. We were being LOUD and it was well past 11:00pm on a Sunday night - I am such an obnoxious neighbour. hee hee

We suck at it. Really really badly. But oh it was fun. and we were sweating!! It is hard. We can't get past level one - at all. It is sad really. We fail most songs. But we laughed the entire time.

The best was when during a fit of giggles in the middle of a song Angie just kind of stopped and said "I can't" in the saddest most defeated voice you ever heard.

If you ever want to feel like a white guy with absolutely no rhythm at all - play a few rounds of DDR. I think I am going to have to take it to my sister's for Easter - I have a feeling mom + bottle of wine + DDR = ENDLESS LAUGHTER.

Good times aside I am still not done with the play. They want yet another shirt for one of the actors - this will be his third shirt for this scene. I don't know what they think I am going to find - the man has had on every expensive shirt I could find in our color scheme. I am soooo over this show right now.

Crap I have the hiccups....

OH OH OH I made red velvet cupcakes today with the cream cheese icing. SOOOO GOOD. I don't make a pretty cupcake so no point in taking pictures. But very very tasty.


  1. I get so jealous whenever you speak of DDR.

    I had the WORST hiccups last night too! I almost blacked out holding my breath, trying to get rid of them.

  2. DDR is the best! My human Lizzy loves it, she loses track of time when she plays on it too. And, and she's also a horrible dancer. ;) Hee hee.