Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Have to share a little story from my class... My teacher sent us this email yesterday about how to place a UPC code in our project. He went on and on about it in class, I was surprised he was still going on about it in the email until I read the last paragraph.....

remember this about UPC's:

Don't mess with it. Don't colour it, scale it, cut it off or otherwise mangle in any way. Don't even look at it with bad intentions. The UPC must sit on a WHITE background; also give it at least a 1/8" white margin all around. Always handle your UPCs in this manner - this ensures that your UPC will read properly by the fancy Optical Readers that all retail stores employ.

Don't follow these UPC rules and one day you'll find yourself pasting replacement labels on 500,000 boxes in your mother-in-law's basement; a privilege for which you promised your undying servitude and which will become the embarassing story of choice at every and all family gatherings. Not that that's happened to me...


  1. Ha. He really means it, then.

  2. Ahhhh... lessons learned the hard way. You should thank your teacher for taking the hit for the rest of you.