Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Here are our pictures...

They are kinda lame cause Mommy didn't get a camera until the week was mostly over. So we missed fifi and romeo and stuff like that.. We suck....

Me and Uncle Nick on old mulholland drive - yest that is L.A. WAYYY behind and below us. It was very pretty there. I am wearing my marcomarco/barcobarco shirt. Uncle Nick has a goofy smile.

Mommy and Uncle Nick with their chocolate covered bananas from Carny's- Mommy got a large one and Uncle Nick a small one - and Guess what - NEITHER OF THEM SHARED!

Marco working in his boutique. Did I mention he was one of the stylists for American Idol! He is sooo cool. I shop where the stars shop! He GAVE me a shirt!!!!

Me driving Uncle Nick's car. I wasn't even scared for a second. Mommy and Uncle Nick had to help me with the pedals.

Mommy in the pool.

Me and Uncle Nick working on his computer while Mommy was in the pool. Mommy was ALWAYS in the pool.

Me and Mommy out by the pool.

Me suntanning - I have my shirt on cause it was still early in the morning and a little cool outside.

This is me and Audrey- Marco's Puppy. We didn't really like each other. She thought she was prettier then me but I think it was pretty obvious who is cuter.... Besides she is too chubby. She won't wear her daddy's fashion's either - HOW RUDE!

Those are the only remotely interesting ones. There is mommy's freeway pictures but why would I put boring pictures of the freeway on my blog? She is ridculous. Our trip back was boring Mommy listened to very loud music - sometimes I glared at her to turn it down but she never did and she sang along - ohhh it hurt my ears. But when I could I slept. We stayed in 3 hotels - they all loved me. Of course!!!!

Any questions?

We wanted to go see CAP again but unfortunately we weren't able to connect - Mommy is terrible about calling people and making plans so she waited to late to call. I was made at her I wanted to see Roy again and threaten Sobakowa ( I think I am spelling it wrong) some more. It is probably for the best though - even though I would have been great company Mommy was crying - AGAIN! (she always cries when we leave places)

That was our little tiny mini vacation. I am happy to be home even though Mommy and Daddy are both working. I need some rest....

we are back

mommy had to go to work so I wll post tonight when she can help me with my pictures.... Our trip was uneventful and involved many trips of me sitting in the truck in parking lots while mommy shopped in target - there are alot of targets between L.A. and vancouver....
I am soo happy to see baboon I humped him before I did anything else!

Friday, May 27, 2005

uncle nick is sleeping

this means Mommy can help me turn on the computer and I can actually do a post....
So much to say and I am sure I won't remember it and will have to slowly report it back during the next few days......
ANd I might repeat myself. We are on painful sucky bad AOL here and I can't stand the thought of waiting the 1/2 hour just to go back one page to read what I wrote the other day. I have too many other important things to do....
Ok so yah let's start with what MOmmy did wednesday. I wasn't with her cause she had to work but she told me about it. She went for lunch with the designer lady and they met up with one of the designer lady's friends - this designer lady's friend is her screenwriter for this amoung other amazing things. Mommy just found out she is even cooler then she realized..... she was amoung greatness. I think she needs to write a movie about puppies - like me... Apparently she has a dog named Toast who Mommy met... I guess Toast could star in the movie with me.
Mommy also saw another lame TV celebrity - that chick from sabrina the teen aged witch - in starbucks. Not very exciting - in fact kinda lame I think...
Mommy didn't come back until late wednesday and then she went for supper with Uncle Nick and a bunch of strangers. I hung out with Barbara and Gus - we watched some movies and I tried to distract them and make them drop their supper...
Thursday Mommy didn't work. We went to Target in the morning while Uncle Nick was still in bed.. Actually Mommy went swimming first - she is always in the pool.. ALWAYS.. I hate it. I sit as far away as I can on the lounge chair....
Then in the afternoon - I don't remember what we did - oh yah went to visit Marco. Marco has a chihuahua named audrey. We didn't like each other she was too much of a diva for me and really nosy. Mommy took some pictures but they are on the regular camera so you will all have to wait until the roll is full and we can scan them in. Marco has a doggie clothing line too and he GAVE me one of his designer t-shirts. (There will be pictures of this too - Uncle Nick has a bunch of me in this) It was great. I have been a very good girl and not cried in the car ONCE during the whole trip. I like the freeways. When we go in Uncle Nick's car I always get in the back seat without Mommy telling me. Then after marco we went to Carney's so Mommy could get her Bloody chocolate dipped frozen banana. There will be pictures of this too...... She enjoyed it and shared not even a drop with me. After yet another swim Mommy Uncle Nick and me went to a big fancy house on a hill for supper. We met Esme and Sue and Cody and Kit......This is Esme.... She was so pretty and her whole family is so nice. She is going to Julliard next year to take her undergraduate in dance. I am thinking I might become a dancer too. I have the right body type.... Mommy can make me some pretty tutus like Esme. We stayed there late and I finally fell asleep. Oh but they had two sheepskin rugs and I miss my mauve one so I spent several minutes (like at least 1/2 an hour) digging on them and doing my yoga. It was sooo soft. I slept on Mommy's lap for the entire drive home. Today hasn't been as exciting. Mommy and Uncle Nick sat by the pool or IN the pool yapping. We did go out to a camera store at one point and Mommy and I went to another fancy dogstore while Uncle Nick played with cameras. I got a sushi treat but Mommy doesn't like sushi so I don't either and I refuse to eat it.
Barbara and Gus are gone for supper so I can't look cute and make them drop food. This makes me sad it is our last supper here.....
Ok that is all I can remember now..... I probaly won't write again until I am in Canada - we start driving back tomorrow.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

was going to do a post

but just realized we have to leave soon and I need to help mommy get ready to go - going out for supper... Have had a very exciting day as Mommy didn't work and Mommy has had more celbrity sitings to tell everyone about... but it will all have to wait....
must get pretty...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


gmail isn't working - mommy can't check her email.... I can't check my email..... We wanted to email crazy AUnt purl and thank her for the BBQ but we can't - mommy also said maybe we should try to meet her for coffee before we go too..... Busy Busy.....
Barbara is my new friend. While Mommy is at work we sit by the pool. It is a rough life being a chihuahua in L.A.
Mommy had a celebrity siting yesterday - Nicky Hilton - heh heh - soooo close to meeting tinkerbell but not yet. SOON!!!!!!!
ok I have to go pee pee and the patio door is opening so I gotta run.. As Auntie Steph would say MWAH to all of you!!!!!
(oh yah and CAP is crazy if she think my mommy is pretty - refer to bloated whale in swiming pool!!!!!)

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Just a quick message... we are waiting for Uncle Nick to wake up. We have unsuccessfully tried to wake him up several times. He has to get up soon though cause mommy and him are going shoe shopping. (don't worry daddy I won't let mommy go crazy and yes Auntie Jenn Mommy has your shoe size.)
We had fun yesterday - we went to fifi and romeo. I smelled tinkerbell all over the place - her mommy even had autographed carrier bags..... Mommy bought me a t-shirt that cost way to much that she could hve made for way less but she got all excited! The guy liked us so much he even gave mommy a ring that matched the necklace she was wearing.
we also did fabric swatching yesterday. Some of the stores even let me walk and sniff while mommy cut the samples.
We didn't do much else... just fabric shopping. Mommy said two of the stores sold yarn now and they didn't before - she even saw a yarn called bling bling with gold leaf on it - it would match those teeth I want.
Mommy and Uncle Nick's mom keep going in the pool, like 3 times a day. They are obsessed.
At the place in palm springs there was big dogs and thyrza kept putting me in the pool - it was horrible. I was miserable there and mommy kept yelling at me. It is much nicer here.
I am getting more comfy here - I can now be in a different room then mom without panicing too much but I do have to check and make sure she is still here every now and then. I think I will freak out tomorrow when she isn't here..... I was supposed to go to doggy day care but they won't take me without some ridculous hour long interview..... Like I need to be interviewed they should WANT me.
uhmmmmm what else.
Mommy was THOROUGHLY disgusted when I ate what look liked a homeless peron's puke on the street in downtown L.A. yesterday. HEH HEH. She was so grossed out she refused to reach down and pull it out of my mouth. She says I am probably all diseased now.
We went to Santee Alley yesterday too - soooo loud everyone was yelling 5$ 5$ 5$..... Mommy loved it and bought bebe and gucci sunglasses - oh my you might say but don't worry they were only 5$.
ok well that is all for now - time to wake up Uncle Nick again. Heh heh whenever Uncle Nick tries to give Mommy a hug or even come within 2 feet of her I growl at him!!!!! HEH HEH... I have got him soooo scared. I am doing exactly what Daddy would want me to do. there goes the alarm.......

P.S. I see by my weather pixie it is cold and rainy there - HA HA HA HAAAAA it is soooo hot here - I even got a little sunburn on my ears there other day. I have been walkingaround naked cause it is too hot to be dressed!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

we're off

me and mommy are packed and ready to go. I have my new pink sweater from Auntie Steph on. It will be a long flight - Ugh.....
We are off!
L.A. here we come!!!!
I don't know how much posting I will get to do while I am there - I guess you'll have to wait and see

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mommy is back at work....

...and Daddy is a horrible babysitter. I got my present from Auntie Steph today and Daddy took no pictures of me opening it, didn't put a cute t-shirt on me - NOTHING! Isn't he horrible. So no one paid any attention to me - he was too busy eating the granola bars before mommy could have any.
Mommy STILL hasn't decided if I am coming to L.A and she leaves tomorrow..... She is working even more then before (her boss today added another day) good for Mommy's bank account, bad for visiting. I want to go but I also don't want to be left alone all day but if I stay here Daddy will ignore me anyways... He will golf all day and watch tv. No fun for Minou... Not like fifi and romeo.....
Oh the stress my little heart is under. Tomorrow I will sit in Mommy's suitcase all day so she doesn't forget me (I always do this when packing is underway!) I have already put several C O O K I E S into the suitcase for later.
Auntie Steph I love my chubby big buddy - I think he will be one of those special toys - the ones you don't play with but keep on a shelf. Mommy said he had man boobs - what are those? Mommy hasn't tried my new sweater on me yet but she will - and she will take a picture too - I asked her too. I also have had several cookies since daddy left the bag open on the floor and he was too busy eating granola bars.
time to go play with Mommy before everyone goes to bed...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Mommy says I should send thank you cards to everyone who has sent me presents... I guess I should do that. She always knows how to ruin my fun. Don't expect them soon though Mommy and I are pretty bad with that kind of thing and I will need her help with stamps and stuff....


I am the most special puppy ever! I got another birthday present today. Those customs kitties didn't steal it afterall.
It was so exciting I was jumping and digging on the box as mom got the tape off.

This is me being bored earlier this afternoon.. Mommy was hogging the computer and I wanted to play.

Apparently THIS is Mommy, I've been confused all this time...

I love love love these greenies. They are the perfect size! Mommy and Daddy always have to cut mine in half cause they are too big. We need to find these ones..

Daddy over did it on the kisses...

My 'stash' heh heh I need a new toybox.... I hope I don't have to give more toys away.
They were from Soba, Roy, Bob, and Frankie. I guess they aren't to evil afterall. I did notice that Soba gave me a big kitty though - I think it is meant to scare me...
So Mommy still hasn't decided if I am coming. There are baggage handler strikes going on at Alaskan Airlines and if Mommy brings me she can't really bring any carry on luggage. And if they lose Mommy's luggage she will need carry on... She is really worried about what to do! Scared to bring all the things she wanted to bring.... If anyone has heard anything about how the strikes are affecting things in LA/Palm Springs please let us know - I want to go to L.A.
If I am coming with Mommy we get there on Friday but Mommy had to work Friday and maybe Sat. Sunday night she has to pick up the designer, Monday, tuesday she works, wednesday is an extra day inn case they don't finish. Thursday she has off unless uncle NIck makes her work. and Friday she has off and Sat. she is supposed to leave!!!! So much for a relaxing vacation.
I hope I get to see Aunt Purl, the first weekend will probably be the best time (21 or 22 I think) but we will keep you posted!!!!
P.S. you'll notice I'm wearing my new bowie t-shirt - I have two now...


OHhh mommy got up early this morning to say goodbye to Daddy - he was leaving at 5:30am for work. I slept in my hoodie last night cause no one helped me take it off. Well when mommy got up she stayed in the living room and left me in bed. One of my arms was stuck in my hoodie (I move around alot in my sleep) and I couldn't get off the bed to say good bye to daddy too!
I cried and cried but by now mommy had the tv on...
Finally i let out a big squeal which got her attention and she came running. She said I should have barked instead of cried that she would have heard me better, Perhaps she just shouldn't have left me in my hoodie and I wouldn't have had to cry in the first place.
But everything is ok. She took my hoodie off, gave me a cookie, - which she has started spelling c o o k i e and I still know what she means you can't fool me - and we sat on the couch and I got a tummy rub. YIPPEEEEEE!!!!
Mommy went out with Mandy last night. I don't know where they all went but she came home with fabric that I thought was for me - it was so girly. Then she said to Daddy 'golf pants for you in jasper parnevik style' Poor Daddy now he has to wear mommy's silly clothes too...
Here is mommy trying to block her tankini. Mandy didn't laugh when she saw it so maybe Mommy did it right.
She started a new project yesterday too...This only she is making it into a tank top... another sad attempt. She is using a lime green gong cotton.
ok i need breakfast now.. later we are going for a walk to vote. Mommy says I can't I need two pieces of ID but I have my ways! I'll use my chihuahua charm on them!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Mommy 'finished' her tankini.... she isn't thrilled with it. There was a few spots in the pattern that she would have liked to have a bit more directions (mommy liked to be told exactly what to do)
But we have no pictures of it yet. One reason is she would like to try blocking it a bit if she can come up with something to do it on. Another reason is it is rather revealing! It would definitely be a cleavage shot. Now for whatever reason it is okay for pictures of my lala to be posted on this blog but not Mommy's hooters... something isn't fair....
Mommy also finished my mr. X knitalong toy.... And boy it is as ugly as Mr. X must be!

It is so ugly I actually won't touch it. Mommy claims she did the uneven horns on purpose. It was supposed to be a cat - what happened to the cat?
Daddy likes it I will let him have it.

Daddy also has a new hat..

Mommy took this picture of me and Daddy cuddling last night - are we cute?
Not much else is new. It was POURING this morning. So mommy didn't run - nothing we all sat on the couch and watched coronation street. When the rain stopped we went for a walk which was nice... we mailed some toys I don't play with to Julien....
I wasn't keen on that idea but mommy said I had been getting so many new ones I have to give some away.
ok I am tired from my walk - naptime on the couch...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

umbrellas and pineapples

unbrellas repaired

Today is Saturday....

And I woke Mommy and Daddy up at 6:00am sharp! HA HA HAAAAA! I didn't need to. I am litter trained and can go pee pee anytime I want but I thought hey "you guys didn't take me for a walk yesterday so you deserve this" Let's ignore the fact that it was raining yesterday and I wouldn't have gone anyways - it is the principle of the thing.
Also Daddy bought new golf clubs and I heard him say to Mommy he was going golfing at 6:00am (he was at the driving range at 10:00pm last night) so I thought he might want to get up and go! I guess he doesn't like th rain either cause it is raining again this morning...

Mommy even went with Daddy and brought her two sparkly pink clubs that say 'paris' on them. Guess which one of them is a better golfer and picks clubs according to how good they are and not how well they match their outfit?

p.s. I will finish my 100 things list. It is hard when you are only 2 I don't have that much life experience. Auntie Steph emailed me some more suggestions I have just been to lazy to update it!
p.p.s. Daddy even had his new driver next to the bed all night, I think he would have replaced me and mommy with it if mommy had let him.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

my foster 'brother'

Mommy has become a foster Mommy to my new brother 'Exedra' Mommy LOVES him. She thinks we may tell brother Exedra's real Daddy that we LOST him. DO you think he will believe us?

She also keeps saying squatter's rights. She used brother exedra all the time at Auntie Thyrza's where it was being fostered before her and it's real Daddy has never used it. Poor neglected brother exedra... I think it should stay here too if only because it almost gave mommy and daddy a hernia trying to get it into the house. I will show it where to pee and which toys it can play with - not my new ones!
Here is mom's tankini progress

She isn't completely thrilled with some of her choices - like if the whole polka dot does not fit on the edge of the tankini - don't even do it! so instead she has these icky little half polka dots. Mommy never takes anything apart though so she is still finishing it. She has enough yarn to try another one though - maybe she will use that purple she bought once upon a time..
the pattern is a little weird in a few spots and she still isn't following instructions like if it says ssk - she just knits two together cause she doesn't really get it....
terrible knitter - stick to the sewing mommy!
oh almost forgot we finally got some yarn to do the knit along fro Mr X I will make mommy make something!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

my mommy needs to be medicated

It is 13 degrees outside - the sun is behind the clouds and my mommy just went in the pool! Now I didn't realize what this horrible rectangle of water was for in the back yard but I know now. It is a huge bathtub! HOW HORRIBLE!!! I was so worried about Mommy the whole time (the water could freeze while she was in it) that I ran around and around the edges the whole time...
She didn't stay in too long. She kept saying "Minou it's freezing - isn't this fun - it's freezing!"
Send mommy medication fast!
HA HA HA HA and what was really funny is she had on a black and white bathing suit which set off her pasty white skin quite nicely. She looked like a dead bloated body in that water. You can see why I was so concerned.
So in conclusion I repeat - send my mommy medication!!!!!

adium is great

Mommy just downloaded adium like freckle girl mentioned in her blog awhile ago and she loves it. It is rather sad though she is so excited she is sitting here waiting for someone to sign in to talk to her. Rather pathetic... I had to tell her I would get off the copmuter if anyone actually signed in.
She did screw up her ichat but she didn't realize you can have a free aol instant messanging for all those sillhy american friends of hers (WHY OH WHY OH WHY do they use crappy aol?)
now she opened aa yahoo too
and she has msn
what else is she missing?
Auntie Steph please sign in and take mommy out of her misery so we can get on with our day!!!!
Although the sun isn't up yet so I don't know when we are going to be able to start suntanning.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

flattery will get you everywhere

this is what computers should do!

working at the studio with Mommy

We went to work today!!! Whoopee! I was a good girl in the car on the way to work.When we got there I promptly hide all my treats in the studio. It was not the usual place where Mommy works so there was no cats to chase. I just napped on a chair all day. For lunch we went to this AMAZING BBQ place on Commerical Drive. It smelled sooo good. I knew Mommy and Rina wouldn't give me any so I thought I would try the guys at the table next to us. They didn't give me any either. WHY NOT!
We only worked 10 hours today. Which is good cause I was bored.
I got to go to the REAL stargate shop today too. I like going there everyone pets me and cuddles me. Maybe one day I will get to be in an episode....
When I came home I had ANOTHER birthday parcel!!! From my cousin Julien. He even made me a card (which I totally ignored) I prefer the stinky fishy scale bone he gave me. Daddy and Mommy think it is gross which is good - it will keep them from eating it. There was also a spa kit -that is just CRUEL! I hate baths why would I want shampoo and soap!!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!
EVIL cousin Julien...
I am pretty tired atfer such a long day at work. I think I will have to turn in early. Mommy is saying tomorrow is finally the weekend and she has promised me we will suntan by the pool ALL DAY!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2005


it is bad enough I had a bath - but pictures too!!!! UGH...


OH this is the best birthday EVER!
We got a parcel in the mail today and Daddy thought it was for Mommy so Daddy wouldn't give it to me. I had to wait until Mommy got home from work and she knew right away it was for me!! Probably because it said 'dogtoys.com' on the box. This is why Mommies are smarter then Daddies.
When I got the box open the toys just kept coming out!!!!!!! It was soooo amazing. Mommy and Daddy were throwing them everywhere - everything was squeaking! OH so exciting..... I couldn't decide which to pick up first!

AND AND AND just guess who it was from!!! GROMIT!!! Gromit rules! I tried to go to Gromit's website to say THANK YOU but it is saying FORBIDDEN!!!! Scary. Maybe Gromit has gone into the witness protection program or the government has taken over Gromit's blog for national security. I am worried. I hope I can look at Gromit's website again soon.
But if I can't
THANK YOU GROMIT. There was also some treats in the box that Mommy forgot to take out I had to get them out cause she was not paying attention to me when I told her they were still in the box. I'm going to eat them all tonight.
Mommy had to work all day today. She is working tomorrow too but I get to go with her! Yippee!!!! I wonder if there will be evil cats?
Yay birthdays are fun! even a week or two later....

HA HA I just burped.

Sunday, May 8, 2005

Grand mere is gone...

Grandma left today! And she didn't even say good bye to me!!!! last night we played lots. She helped me watch Daddy BBQing. It smelled so good. Grandma would lift me up high so I could see the meat on the BBQ.
Mommy didn't even eat her meat!!! I wantd it but she didn't give it to me. She thought it was steak but it was lamb and it reminded her of lambie - her toy that she has had since she was a baby. Silly mommy, it is just a stuffed toy AND she won't let me play with it.
Oh well
I'm going to ask Mommy for these!
Mommy said only 12 more sleeps until we are at uncle Nick's house. She is starting to wonder if she should bring me. I wanna GO! I'm good company!
Daddy and Grandma took me for a walk today while Mommy worked. That was fun except Daddy had my collar too tight. I think he was trying to choke me ever so slowly..
man.... writing something interesting is hard when all you do is sleep all day.
I know Mommy wants to give me another bath. I am dreading it.

Saturday, May 7, 2005

stupid Mommy

she is working this weekend. I didn't know - she didn't tell me! She got up at 5:30am to go to work on a saturday. I'm less than impressed.
Apparenty she is working tomorrow too! Sunday!!!
No good...
no good at all... People keep calling and inviting her places but she can't go!
I can't seen to get anymore cake today. I don't know why. I want CAKE. Mommy and Daddy keep telling me to eat my crunch crunch. I have avoided it for days but I am getting hungry.
Mommy bought a new bag the other day - she got me the petote!!! BUT get this. The one she put on hold WAS the $375 one! OOPS!!!! Mommy didn't know a little bit of embroidery more then doubled the price. I think I am worth it but apparently she didn't. So we came home with a lilac one.
it is lilac like this one but not the same - like I said last years model.
I think I look pretty good in it. Like we are rich or something heh heh...
I can't believe Mommy has to work tomorrow too! And Monday. She said maybe Tuesday off - but not for sure.... Next Friday it is going up to 27 degrees (celcius) we are excited!!! Maybe Mommy will have it off and we can go suntanning.
Mommy's tankini is getting closer to being done. She is working on the neck strap on one side. Probably due for a picture but it is in a bit of a balled up mess right now. If I didn't know any better I would say she had let me play with it - but she didn't.

Friday, May 6, 2005

stalker tendencies

Because, unlike crazy aunt purl, I REALLY am a stalker. I put her mailng address and uncle nick's mailing address into google maps/satelitte's just to see how close we will be.
And look! That is practically neighbours for L.A.!!!!
I think Mommy and I will just go sit outside of the post office and wait for her to show up! Maybe we will send her a message telling her she has mail and then go wait for her to show up. I'll go in some sort of movie star disguise. Sunglasses, feather boa, you know so I blend in with the L.A. crowd - no typical Canadian chihuahua for me! She will never know it is us!
heh heh heh
OH but what if she calls the cops on us. No good. maybe we will just stay at Uncle Nick's house.... Maybe while Mommy is working I will go out to find crazy aunt purl. Oh but there is that cat. shoot. I am too easily defeated...
I just thought I should let everyone know, although I call everyone Auntie and Uncle they aren't my REAL AUnties and Uncles. Mommy only has one sister and Daddy only has one brother.
Auntie Steph is actually my Dog-Mother. But everyone else is just Mommy's and Daddy's friends.
HEYYYYY!! I just killed a bug for Mommy. She was very happy and even gave me a treat! I think I will kill more bugs for Mommy it pays off.
I'm still a little sad about Sebastian. At least there is alot of new puppies in the world making other people happy. (we know 3 people who have gotten new puppies, Tuffy, Paco and as of yet the unnamed one in Halifax)


I don't feel like doing a post right now...
Mommy just got the following email from Sebastian's Mommy. Sebastian was a sweet little puppy who was at my first birthday party. We will miss him alot.

Today I lost my dear friend and mini therapist, SEBASTIAN ALONSO

He was born December 31, 1994 in Airdrie, Alberta, Breeder MaryAnna Long. He was part of a litter of four, two girls and two boys. He joined my family to complete our new home and to help with fostering teenagers by being a loving friend. Ernie Janzen helped me pick him out, this little tiny ball of fluff.

My son, Chris was so disappointed that I had not choosen a bigger dog. But he was soon convinced that he was a chick magnet, as all who met him had to cuddle him and whoo over him.

As you know, Anna soon joined us a couple of years later so we could produce other puppies as adorable,wise and of good temperment as Sebastian. She was totally a party girl! I was told I finally had a real dog, as she lived life much more like a dog whereas Sebastian was more like a child.

We were blessed with four litters of puppies. Sebastian was not always happy with them in his space but he did discipline them. The first three litters were two girls and two boys, with the last four boys and one girl. What joy they gave me and now their new families.

I know you all have memories of Sebastian that will remain in your hearts, here are mine:
-he always walked on the sidewalk and around puddles. He won't go in the dirt until Anna assured him it was okay.
-he could read, I am sure. He choose his Christmas present from the many under the tree, three years in a row. Anna had the same present but he always knew which one was his.
-he loved Christmas. He got so excited when the gift bags were put out under the tree. He would run through them just to get a reaction from me.
-he loved to sit on his stool in front of the window in the living room to view the world.
- he would ask me for water and food ( by saying yum yum)
-he really liked men and would attach himself to them when they came to visit
-Grandpa was his favourite man, he liked to go for walks with him and to just hang out with him.
-his Hollywood kisses
-his tears when Karen left for Taiwan
-chasing squirrels
-riding the bike with Grandpa
-his soft fur to rub my nose in
-his influence on others who went on to adopt ShihTzu\Bichons
-the joy he brought my Grandpa when we snuck him into Wascana Rehab
-the tears on Uncle Clarence's eyes when after spending a weekend there he sat between his legs and refused to come.
-dancing for pupperoni and rollover
-snuggling with my mom and her nurturing care for him--giving her the name the Dog Lady
-his dislike of water---the lake, baths
he was a great comforter to hurting people: the foster girls, sick people, lonely people
-looking for Chris behind the computer when he talked over the speaker while he was in Taiwan
-running to the park to hang out with the kids
-he liked to hunt for Easter Eggs and crack them open to find the treat inside
Oh my heart will forever treasure these memories and many more for the love and joy my little friend, Sebastian provided.

In the last month, he has not been very well. On Monday, we went to the vet and upon testing him and ruling out diabetes, it was determined that he had renal failure. The cause unknown but could have been cancer. The damage to his kidneys could not be reversed. It was as if the confirmation of his sickness made him even more ill. The last two days my little friend disappeared and a skelton with fur (as Chris said) came to live with us.

Treatment that the vet offered would only prolong his life for six or twelve months but would not take away the suffering so with a heavy heart I decided to not let him suffer. This morning I took him wrapped up in the blanket he used as a puppy and his toy/travel bag I took him to the vet. He gave me a white box with his body, that I took to the church to present him back to our Creator. He will rest at my friend Don Pogoda's farm and forever live in our hearts.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005


WOOHOOO two pieces of cake today I love cake. I want cake for every meal. I don't know if Mommy and Daddy have noticed that I haven't had any regular dog food in days.
Mommy totally slept in this morning - she didn't have to work! Finally I was like - enough is enough - so I woke her up with lots of kisses. She went for a run while I ate cake. With my slender figure I can afford to eat cake for every meal. Not Mommy - she must run....
After she got back she worked for me for a bit - it is hard being a clothing designer with such a slacker employee. Then we went for a walk with grandma!!! A long walk which had it's usual stop at the pet store for jerky. YUMMY...
I had to wear my raincoat cause it was sprinkling out - I hate my raincoat - it makes funny noises when I walk. swish swish krinkle krinkle.
On our way back we stopped at the fancy pants pet store ( where my chewy vitton came from) and Mommy put a bag on hold. She can't afford it and doesn't need it but OHHH I want to be the most amazing doggy in L.A. so we have to have it! No Winner's bag for me (For you US citizens winner's = marshalls, ross dress for less, only not as good) It is one of these bags only there is no picture of the exact one on the website. It is last years model - how passe of me. But it is all this little girl is gonna get until my Mommy wins a lottery. She has until closing tomorrow to get it. We will see if we can squeeze some money out of Daddy for that bag. No Auntie Steph it isn't one of the $300.00 ones. AND it is on sale....
Then we walked all the way back. SO tired. I had a nap while Mommy yakked on the phone. She is setting up her next job now too - one that happens before Brigadoon. She is turning our trip to L.A. into a working trip. Poopy less fun for me. Renting costumes and buying fabric for a movie.
I had MORE cake for supper. heh heh this time from Daddy. Now I think it is nap time again. I chased alot of squirrels this afternoon and I am tired.
Mommy looks tired too. I think she needs a nap.
She has to work again tomorrow but not until the afternoon.

Monday, May 2, 2005


Mommy got the job! She hasn't signed a contract or anything but they offered her the job!. She will be designing Brigadoon, a musical at gateway theatre. It is the Christmas show!!! Mommy was so excited. Daddy even bought her flowers. I was so excited I had to hump my baboon!!!!!
Yay Mommy!!!
If only she would not work now so she could stay at home and play with me. She is STILL working at Stargate. Will it ever end? Mommy heard on the radio today that Xfiles is shooting another movie in Vancouver. Mommy loved the Xfiles - maybe she will get to work on that too! Mmmm Fox MulderMmmm.....

Sunday, May 1, 2005

by the way...

as CAP mentioned in her comment that bridge is an 'i messed myself' kinda bridge. Daddy's pictures don't do it justice. So we copied this one from their website just to give you an idea of how high up we were. Chihuahua's are NOT supposed to be that high. No we are small dogs who should stay very very close to the ground. And it better not be swaying beneath us.
Mommy wants me to add that Mommy's should also not be that high above the ground. Especially since they only have two legs to balance with and a Daddy who likes to taunt them!

** this image has not been stretched or warped or anything else to make it appear higher - it just plain is this high**

Best Birthday EVER!!!!

Today Mommy didn't have to work and it was sooo great!!! After she went for a run we all went for a drive to the capilano suspension bridge. (Me daddy Mommy and Grandma) There was lots for me to sniff and there was a high wobbly bridge we had to walk across. Mommy kept saying I wouldn't like it but Daddy said to let me try. Well Mommy was right - one step on that bridge and I froze. It was moving so much I had each of my legs doing the spread eagle in the middle of the narrow bridge. It was terrifying.... Thank goodness Mommy came as quickly as she could to get me - which wsasn't that quick cause she was almost as terrified as me. But she put me in my bag and we made our way across the river way way way way down below...

** note the white knuckles Mommy is using to grip the railing. Notice the other white knuckles Momyis holding onto my bag with. Notice the fact that I am making sure she is holding on tight and praying that we stay in the middle of the bridge.
Mommy was very very slow - it was hard to walk. I thought we were going to fall over the edge a few times the way it swayed back and forth. Grandma and Daddy practically sprinted across. I wish they were carrying my bag instead.
After we got across we went on a little hike that included a treetop walk.

Our new house...

Our new bathroom...
When we left there Grandma wanted to go to a beach so we went dowtown - RIGHT BY THE DOGGY DELI!!! AND DADDY SAID WE COULD GO!!!! I got to eat at the doggy deli. There were little tables and chairs just for me! I had the lamb. I didn't like sitting by myself though so I went and sat on Mommy's lap. It was sooo good. I ate as much as I could but like all restaurants I was full before I cleaned my bowl. Mommy took one of my poop baggies to make a (pardon the pun) doggy bag. They even brought me dessert!
OH OH OHHHH and before the deli I met a guy! He was really cute in a blue rhinestone collar. Too short for me but we played a whole bunch on the beach. Chasing each other and wagging our tails.
Unfortunately Daddy filled up the camera at the capilano suspension bridge so no pics of any of this....
I was sooo tired on our drive home - in which we were caught in terribly traffic mommy tells me - I fell asleep in Mommy's lap! Now I think I will lie down. Mommy has some work to do on her portfolio before tomorrow morning's interview but she is hoping to get some knitting in this evening.. I think I will sleep off that lamb and play with my purse.
Oh as promised my cake pictures..

You'll notice there are no high marks for presentation here. I think it was supposed to be a bone. Not to sure. Kinda lumpy and uneven.... at least it tasted good.