Tuesday, May 17, 2005


OHhh mommy got up early this morning to say goodbye to Daddy - he was leaving at 5:30am for work. I slept in my hoodie last night cause no one helped me take it off. Well when mommy got up she stayed in the living room and left me in bed. One of my arms was stuck in my hoodie (I move around alot in my sleep) and I couldn't get off the bed to say good bye to daddy too!
I cried and cried but by now mommy had the tv on...
Finally i let out a big squeal which got her attention and she came running. She said I should have barked instead of cried that she would have heard me better, Perhaps she just shouldn't have left me in my hoodie and I wouldn't have had to cry in the first place.
But everything is ok. She took my hoodie off, gave me a cookie, - which she has started spelling c o o k i e and I still know what she means you can't fool me - and we sat on the couch and I got a tummy rub. YIPPEEEEEE!!!!
Mommy went out with Mandy last night. I don't know where they all went but she came home with fabric that I thought was for me - it was so girly. Then she said to Daddy 'golf pants for you in jasper parnevik style' Poor Daddy now he has to wear mommy's silly clothes too...
Here is mommy trying to block her tankini. Mandy didn't laugh when she saw it so maybe Mommy did it right.
She started a new project yesterday too...This only she is making it into a tank top... another sad attempt. She is using a lime green gong cotton.
ok i need breakfast now.. later we are going for a walk to vote. Mommy says I can't I need two pieces of ID but I have my ways! I'll use my chihuahua charm on them!


  1. Ang, the tankini looks great. Please tell me the fabric is for pants for you.

    Min min - I bet they would let you vote if you smiled really pretty at them.

  2. Let me repeat myself the fabric is for D A D D Y

  3. Hey Minou, we're back from Disney. Nobody puked!

    It was, but I didn't see any dogs except pretend dogs (Goofy and other people dressed as dogs--don't ask). Maybe the Disney folks are engaging in a form of species discrimination? You should sue.

    They did have a talking trash can who you would have LOVED, he was so funny! I'll try to post about it later so you'll know you're not really missing anything else anyway.

    You're daddy is going to look pretty funny, can't wait to see a picture.

  4. When Laurie (Aunt PUrl) was over Friday she kept saying "Y'all should read Minou. No, I mean it"

    I'm glad she did. So, if "y'all" don't mind, I'm gonna add you to my bloglines, mkay?

  5. Aunt Purl must be crazy y'all!

  6. I can't help it, Minou, I love your site so much I may start grabbing strangers on the street and handing them your uRL. Dog Blog! heh

    Minou, I can't wait to meet you! Please email me and tell me when and where. I'll bring cookies. Shh. Don't tell.