Tuesday, May 24, 2005


gmail isn't working - mommy can't check her email.... I can't check my email..... We wanted to email crazy AUnt purl and thank her for the BBQ but we can't - mommy also said maybe we should try to meet her for coffee before we go too..... Busy Busy.....
Barbara is my new friend. While Mommy is at work we sit by the pool. It is a rough life being a chihuahua in L.A.
Mommy had a celebrity siting yesterday - Nicky Hilton - heh heh - soooo close to meeting tinkerbell but not yet. SOON!!!!!!!
ok I have to go pee pee and the patio door is opening so I gotta run.. As Auntie Steph would say MWAH to all of you!!!!!
(oh yah and CAP is crazy if she think my mommy is pretty - refer to bloated whale in swiming pool!!!!!)


  1. Call me if you want coffee! Or cookies! Or cake! Or anything! I will be very happy to go googly-eyed again over you, Minou, and your mom, and I have decided that both of you need to move to LA!! Your dad, too! Then you can hang out in my yard as much as you want! I loved meeting you both. Hope you had fun!

  2. A rough life being a chihiahua in L.A.? I'm not buying it!

    I saw those pictures of you being fed hamburger little doggie...

    Has your movie contract come through yet?

  3. Minou - tell Mommy to look for my comment to CAP about how nice she looked in the photos on CAP's blog. She's very pretty, so don't let her say negative things about herself.

    (Ang- don't be a goon - take CAP's compliment and run with it.)