Tuesday, May 10, 2005

working at the studio with Mommy

We went to work today!!! Whoopee! I was a good girl in the car on the way to work.When we got there I promptly hide all my treats in the studio. It was not the usual place where Mommy works so there was no cats to chase. I just napped on a chair all day. For lunch we went to this AMAZING BBQ place on Commerical Drive. It smelled sooo good. I knew Mommy and Rina wouldn't give me any so I thought I would try the guys at the table next to us. They didn't give me any either. WHY NOT!
We only worked 10 hours today. Which is good cause I was bored.
I got to go to the REAL stargate shop today too. I like going there everyone pets me and cuddles me. Maybe one day I will get to be in an episode....
When I came home I had ANOTHER birthday parcel!!! From my cousin Julien. He even made me a card (which I totally ignored) I prefer the stinky fishy scale bone he gave me. Daddy and Mommy think it is gross which is good - it will keep them from eating it. There was also a spa kit -that is just CRUEL! I hate baths why would I want shampoo and soap!!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!
EVIL cousin Julien...
I am pretty tired atfer such a long day at work. I think I will have to turn in early. Mommy is saying tomorrow is finally the weekend and she has promised me we will suntan by the pool ALL DAY!!!!

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  1. Minou, your mommy didn't let you have anything at the BBQ place? Mean mommy! Our mommy and daddy always order the Memphis Feast so there's lots for us when they get home! You could come live with us, you know. Mommy says it's okay.