Monday, May 9, 2005


OH this is the best birthday EVER!
We got a parcel in the mail today and Daddy thought it was for Mommy so Daddy wouldn't give it to me. I had to wait until Mommy got home from work and she knew right away it was for me!! Probably because it said '' on the box. This is why Mommies are smarter then Daddies.
When I got the box open the toys just kept coming out!!!!!!! It was soooo amazing. Mommy and Daddy were throwing them everywhere - everything was squeaking! OH so exciting..... I couldn't decide which to pick up first!

AND AND AND just guess who it was from!!! GROMIT!!! Gromit rules! I tried to go to Gromit's website to say THANK YOU but it is saying FORBIDDEN!!!! Scary. Maybe Gromit has gone into the witness protection program or the government has taken over Gromit's blog for national security. I am worried. I hope I can look at Gromit's website again soon.
But if I can't
THANK YOU GROMIT. There was also some treats in the box that Mommy forgot to take out I had to get them out cause she was not paying attention to me when I told her they were still in the box. I'm going to eat them all tonight.
Mommy had to work all day today. She is working tomorrow too but I get to go with her! Yippee!!!! I wonder if there will be evil cats?
Yay birthdays are fun! even a week or two later....

HA HA I just burped.


  1. I'm SOOO glad you like the toys! I had lots of fun picking them out and it's great to see you playing with them.

    Strange about my site being forbidden. Hmm...I hope I'm not in trouble with the Feds for revealing the truth about human eating habits to a sheep? Or showing an inebriated sheep?

  2. Gromit rules. Those are the funniest toys ever! Are those all deranged cats I see? I love the idea of you playing with toy cats. Very funny.

  3. Gromit is the best!! Also, Gromit has good taste because one of the Big Meanie cat toys? My cats got you one of those too. Just so you know!! You'll have a backup Big Meanie cat to chew on for all time. Has it arrived yet? I hate Customs. Why do they try to delay the Dog Toy goodness? Why? Why?