Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Here are our pictures...

They are kinda lame cause Mommy didn't get a camera until the week was mostly over. So we missed fifi and romeo and stuff like that.. We suck....

Me and Uncle Nick on old mulholland drive - yest that is L.A. WAYYY behind and below us. It was very pretty there. I am wearing my marcomarco/barcobarco shirt. Uncle Nick has a goofy smile.

Mommy and Uncle Nick with their chocolate covered bananas from Carny's- Mommy got a large one and Uncle Nick a small one - and Guess what - NEITHER OF THEM SHARED!

Marco working in his boutique. Did I mention he was one of the stylists for American Idol! He is sooo cool. I shop where the stars shop! He GAVE me a shirt!!!!

Me driving Uncle Nick's car. I wasn't even scared for a second. Mommy and Uncle Nick had to help me with the pedals.

Mommy in the pool.

Me and Uncle Nick working on his computer while Mommy was in the pool. Mommy was ALWAYS in the pool.

Me and Mommy out by the pool.

Me suntanning - I have my shirt on cause it was still early in the morning and a little cool outside.

This is me and Audrey- Marco's Puppy. We didn't really like each other. She thought she was prettier then me but I think it was pretty obvious who is cuter.... Besides she is too chubby. She won't wear her daddy's fashion's either - HOW RUDE!

Those are the only remotely interesting ones. There is mommy's freeway pictures but why would I put boring pictures of the freeway on my blog? She is ridculous. Our trip back was boring Mommy listened to very loud music - sometimes I glared at her to turn it down but she never did and she sang along - ohhh it hurt my ears. But when I could I slept. We stayed in 3 hotels - they all loved me. Of course!!!!

Any questions?

We wanted to go see CAP again but unfortunately we weren't able to connect - Mommy is terrible about calling people and making plans so she waited to late to call. I was made at her I wanted to see Roy again and threaten Sobakowa ( I think I am spelling it wrong) some more. It is probably for the best though - even though I would have been great company Mommy was crying - AGAIN! (she always cries when we leave places)

That was our little tiny mini vacation. I am happy to be home even though Mommy and Daddy are both working. I need some rest....


  1. That has to be the biggest, happiest doggie smile I've ever seen in the photo of you and your mommy by the pool. Either all that pool time wasn't that bad or you were angling for an academy award.

    P.S. Do you think they could do one of those bananas by mail order? Nah, I didn't think so.

  2. Min min - It looks like you ladies had a fabulous time in LA! I didn't know you were going to see Uncle Marco! I can't wait to see a photo of you modelling the outfit her gave you! I don't know which photo I like the best - the one of you lounging by the pool in your blue (?) shirt or the one of Mommy in the pool - she's smiling like a Cheshire cat!

    (Are you going to send a photo of you in your pink sweater - or is it too hot/too ugly? - I'm having sweater designer anxiety)

  3. Those are wonderful photos, Minou. Your mommy looks so, so happy. The shot of you and her by the pool looks like an advertisement for something. I'm very glad you two had such a good vacation! :)

  4. Minou - are those Mommy's feet in those sandals in the photo of you and Audrey? 'Cause it looks like big toes are gone. Please explain.

  5. i feel very sad for you people