Friday, May 6, 2005


I don't feel like doing a post right now...
Mommy just got the following email from Sebastian's Mommy. Sebastian was a sweet little puppy who was at my first birthday party. We will miss him alot.

Today I lost my dear friend and mini therapist, SEBASTIAN ALONSO

He was born December 31, 1994 in Airdrie, Alberta, Breeder MaryAnna Long. He was part of a litter of four, two girls and two boys. He joined my family to complete our new home and to help with fostering teenagers by being a loving friend. Ernie Janzen helped me pick him out, this little tiny ball of fluff.

My son, Chris was so disappointed that I had not choosen a bigger dog. But he was soon convinced that he was a chick magnet, as all who met him had to cuddle him and whoo over him.

As you know, Anna soon joined us a couple of years later so we could produce other puppies as adorable,wise and of good temperment as Sebastian. She was totally a party girl! I was told I finally had a real dog, as she lived life much more like a dog whereas Sebastian was more like a child.

We were blessed with four litters of puppies. Sebastian was not always happy with them in his space but he did discipline them. The first three litters were two girls and two boys, with the last four boys and one girl. What joy they gave me and now their new families.

I know you all have memories of Sebastian that will remain in your hearts, here are mine:
-he always walked on the sidewalk and around puddles. He won't go in the dirt until Anna assured him it was okay.
-he could read, I am sure. He choose his Christmas present from the many under the tree, three years in a row. Anna had the same present but he always knew which one was his.
-he loved Christmas. He got so excited when the gift bags were put out under the tree. He would run through them just to get a reaction from me.
-he loved to sit on his stool in front of the window in the living room to view the world.
- he would ask me for water and food ( by saying yum yum)
-he really liked men and would attach himself to them when they came to visit
-Grandpa was his favourite man, he liked to go for walks with him and to just hang out with him.
-his Hollywood kisses
-his tears when Karen left for Taiwan
-chasing squirrels
-riding the bike with Grandpa
-his soft fur to rub my nose in
-his influence on others who went on to adopt ShihTzu\Bichons
-the joy he brought my Grandpa when we snuck him into Wascana Rehab
-the tears on Uncle Clarence's eyes when after spending a weekend there he sat between his legs and refused to come.
-dancing for pupperoni and rollover
-snuggling with my mom and her nurturing care for him--giving her the name the Dog Lady
-his dislike of water---the lake, baths
he was a great comforter to hurting people: the foster girls, sick people, lonely people
-looking for Chris behind the computer when he talked over the speaker while he was in Taiwan
-running to the park to hang out with the kids
-he liked to hunt for Easter Eggs and crack them open to find the treat inside
Oh my heart will forever treasure these memories and many more for the love and joy my little friend, Sebastian provided.

In the last month, he has not been very well. On Monday, we went to the vet and upon testing him and ruling out diabetes, it was determined that he had renal failure. The cause unknown but could have been cancer. The damage to his kidneys could not be reversed. It was as if the confirmation of his sickness made him even more ill. The last two days my little friend disappeared and a skelton with fur (as Chris said) came to live with us.

Treatment that the vet offered would only prolong his life for six or twelve months but would not take away the suffering so with a heavy heart I decided to not let him suffer. This morning I took him wrapped up in the blanket he used as a puppy and his toy/travel bag I took him to the vet. He gave me a white box with his body, that I took to the church to present him back to our Creator. He will rest at my friend Don Pogoda's farm and forever live in our hearts.


  1. Oh, now I am crying. At my desk. I am so, so sad.

  2. Wow, Minou.
    Thanks for sharing with your readers my memories of Sebastian. He was so precious to me.