Wednesday, May 4, 2005


WOOHOOO two pieces of cake today I love cake. I want cake for every meal. I don't know if Mommy and Daddy have noticed that I haven't had any regular dog food in days.
Mommy totally slept in this morning - she didn't have to work! Finally I was like - enough is enough - so I woke her up with lots of kisses. She went for a run while I ate cake. With my slender figure I can afford to eat cake for every meal. Not Mommy - she must run....
After she got back she worked for me for a bit - it is hard being a clothing designer with such a slacker employee. Then we went for a walk with grandma!!! A long walk which had it's usual stop at the pet store for jerky. YUMMY...
I had to wear my raincoat cause it was sprinkling out - I hate my raincoat - it makes funny noises when I walk. swish swish krinkle krinkle.
On our way back we stopped at the fancy pants pet store ( where my chewy vitton came from) and Mommy put a bag on hold. She can't afford it and doesn't need it but OHHH I want to be the most amazing doggy in L.A. so we have to have it! No Winner's bag for me (For you US citizens winner's = marshalls, ross dress for less, only not as good) It is one of these bags only there is no picture of the exact one on the website. It is last years model - how passe of me. But it is all this little girl is gonna get until my Mommy wins a lottery. She has until closing tomorrow to get it. We will see if we can squeeze some money out of Daddy for that bag. No Auntie Steph it isn't one of the $300.00 ones. AND it is on sale....
Then we walked all the way back. SO tired. I had a nap while Mommy yakked on the phone. She is setting up her next job now too - one that happens before Brigadoon. She is turning our trip to L.A. into a working trip. Poopy less fun for me. Renting costumes and buying fabric for a movie.
I had MORE cake for supper. heh heh this time from Daddy. Now I think it is nap time again. I chased alot of squirrels this afternoon and I am tired.
Mommy looks tired too. I think she needs a nap.
She has to work again tomorrow but not until the afternoon.


  1. Min min - you've been eating cake - I've been eating fudge. For breakfast even. Gah. I just got home from knitting night and ate the last piece. That's it. No more fudge.

    I have a confession for you - Uncle Andrew stole something out of your package, so now I have to find a replacement for it. I think your package will finally get mailed on the weekend. sigh. I suck.

    I'm kind of disappointed that Mommy isn't buying you the $300 bag. But it is kind of over the top. Then again, if she really wanted to go over the top, she should have picked up that one by My Flat In London that is around $650. Minou, stop that, don't even think it. That's too much, I tell you, too much. Step away from Google, Minou, don't you dare Google it.

    Tell Mommy to call me if she gets a chance.

    Big smooch for the little pooch

  2. Hey Minou,
    I think you should share some cake with your Blog Pet. It keeps jumping around and then falling over. Not sure but it could be a seizure. Maybe a trip to the InterVet?
    Tell Mommy I'm glad she got the day off and you deserve a Petote as fabulous as that!

  3. Minou, you must have that bag, it will look perfect. And looking perfect will help your mommy land more work. More work = more bags.

    We have lots of bags around here but nothing fashionable! Anmiryam fills all her bags with knitting so they have to be large and soft. She should buy a more fashinable knitting bag, but then she would have to buy more clothes, which means she would have to lose see the problem!