Sunday, May 1, 2005

by the way...

as CAP mentioned in her comment that bridge is an 'i messed myself' kinda bridge. Daddy's pictures don't do it justice. So we copied this one from their website just to give you an idea of how high up we were. Chihuahua's are NOT supposed to be that high. No we are small dogs who should stay very very close to the ground. And it better not be swaying beneath us.
Mommy wants me to add that Mommy's should also not be that high above the ground. Especially since they only have two legs to balance with and a Daddy who likes to taunt them!

** this image has not been stretched or warped or anything else to make it appear higher - it just plain is this high**


  1. Minou,
    It sounds like you had a great birthday! Was that Daddy's present? The trip to the Doggy Deli?

    Your present is still here! EEK! Auntie Stephie sucks, big time.

    Your experience on the suspension bridge reminds me of my reaction to being at the top of a fire tower in Ontario. Uncle Andrew and I went up one on our honeymoon. It was the perfect combination of my fear of heights and my fear of walking down stairs. The stairs were a metal grid!!!!!!!! Wagh!!!

    Uncle Andrew said that Daddy looks good with long hair. I think Uncle Andrew might be a little jealous that Daddy still has a normal hairline, but he is genuinely impressed with Daddy's hairdo.

  2. That is the scariest bridge EVER. You go in the Guinness Book Of Most Brave Dogs. And Mommies.