Friday, May 6, 2005

stalker tendencies

Because, unlike crazy aunt purl, I REALLY am a stalker. I put her mailng address and uncle nick's mailing address into google maps/satelitte's just to see how close we will be.
And look! That is practically neighbours for L.A.!!!!
I think Mommy and I will just go sit outside of the post office and wait for her to show up! Maybe we will send her a message telling her she has mail and then go wait for her to show up. I'll go in some sort of movie star disguise. Sunglasses, feather boa, you know so I blend in with the L.A. crowd - no typical Canadian chihuahua for me! She will never know it is us!
heh heh heh
OH but what if she calls the cops on us. No good. maybe we will just stay at Uncle Nick's house.... Maybe while Mommy is working I will go out to find crazy aunt purl. Oh but there is that cat. shoot. I am too easily defeated...
I just thought I should let everyone know, although I call everyone Auntie and Uncle they aren't my REAL AUnties and Uncles. Mommy only has one sister and Daddy only has one brother.
Auntie Steph is actually my Dog-Mother. But everyone else is just Mommy's and Daddy's friends.
HEYYYYY!! I just killed a bug for Mommy. She was very happy and even gave me a treat! I think I will kill more bugs for Mommy it pays off.
I'm still a little sad about Sebastian. At least there is alot of new puppies in the world making other people happy. (we know 3 people who have gotten new puppies, Tuffy, Paco and as of yet the unnamed one in Halifax)


  1. Minou, sorry to hear about Sebastian. It sounds like he was a cool pup.

    You have, have, have to visit CAP in LA. I want pictures. Send her an email, I'm sure she'll agree. I wish I could be there. Nope, I'll just be here, thinking of silly things to make for the No Mr. X Knitalong!

  2. Ha! I actually live right up the road from where your Uncle Nick lives! Jennifer and I both want to meet you!! We're very excited. We may not be able to bring you cake, but we'll have treats!

    The cats want to meet you too... but not for the same reasons. They think you are a big threat to their reign over me and that if I see a cute puppy as adorable as you that I may want to get a puppy of my own and that would make them SO MAD.

    I love the map heh heh.