Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I am the most special puppy ever! I got another birthday present today. Those customs kitties didn't steal it afterall.
It was so exciting I was jumping and digging on the box as mom got the tape off.

This is me being bored earlier this afternoon.. Mommy was hogging the computer and I wanted to play.

Apparently THIS is Mommy, I've been confused all this time...

I love love love these greenies. They are the perfect size! Mommy and Daddy always have to cut mine in half cause they are too big. We need to find these ones..

Daddy over did it on the kisses...

My 'stash' heh heh I need a new toybox.... I hope I don't have to give more toys away.
They were from Soba, Roy, Bob, and Frankie. I guess they aren't to evil afterall. I did notice that Soba gave me a big kitty though - I think it is meant to scare me...
So Mommy still hasn't decided if I am coming. There are baggage handler strikes going on at Alaskan Airlines and if Mommy brings me she can't really bring any carry on luggage. And if they lose Mommy's luggage she will need carry on... She is really worried about what to do! Scared to bring all the things she wanted to bring.... If anyone has heard anything about how the strikes are affecting things in LA/Palm Springs please let us know - I want to go to L.A.
If I am coming with Mommy we get there on Friday but Mommy had to work Friday and maybe Sat. Sunday night she has to pick up the designer, Monday, tuesday she works, wednesday is an extra day inn case they don't finish. Thursday she has off unless uncle NIck makes her work. and Friday she has off and Sat. she is supposed to leave!!!! So much for a relaxing vacation.
I hope I get to see Aunt Purl, the first weekend will probably be the best time (21 or 22 I think) but we will keep you posted!!!!
P.S. you'll notice I'm wearing my new bowie t-shirt - I have two now...


  1. Da-a-amn, dawg. You got sit awl!. Gangsta teeth, peeps, prezzies, grits, crib and Bowie?! Aaiit!

  2. Minou:

    If you come to LA, and you're around Crazy Aunt Purl on Saturday the 21st, I'll be sure to be there too! I've got to meet you!

  3. ooh, ain't Crazy Aunt Purl and her kitties the best! Wow, this birthday may last all the way until your next one.

    I hope you get to go to LA and meet CAP and La. Hanging with the cool girls!

  4. Min Min - I sure hope the mailman delivers your present from me before you go away! I mailed it on Thursday. Hmmmmm... Keep your paws crossed.

    Tell MOmmy that if your bag is seen as a purse by the airline staff then she should still be able to bring a carry on. She'll just have to pare down her wardrobe for the trip. That will be hard to do, I'm sure, as she's going to fashionista central!