Sunday, May 1, 2005

Best Birthday EVER!!!!

Today Mommy didn't have to work and it was sooo great!!! After she went for a run we all went for a drive to the capilano suspension bridge. (Me daddy Mommy and Grandma) There was lots for me to sniff and there was a high wobbly bridge we had to walk across. Mommy kept saying I wouldn't like it but Daddy said to let me try. Well Mommy was right - one step on that bridge and I froze. It was moving so much I had each of my legs doing the spread eagle in the middle of the narrow bridge. It was terrifying.... Thank goodness Mommy came as quickly as she could to get me - which wsasn't that quick cause she was almost as terrified as me. But she put me in my bag and we made our way across the river way way way way down below...

** note the white knuckles Mommy is using to grip the railing. Notice the other white knuckles Momyis holding onto my bag with. Notice the fact that I am making sure she is holding on tight and praying that we stay in the middle of the bridge.
Mommy was very very slow - it was hard to walk. I thought we were going to fall over the edge a few times the way it swayed back and forth. Grandma and Daddy practically sprinted across. I wish they were carrying my bag instead.
After we got across we went on a little hike that included a treetop walk.

Our new house...

Our new bathroom...
When we left there Grandma wanted to go to a beach so we went dowtown - RIGHT BY THE DOGGY DELI!!! AND DADDY SAID WE COULD GO!!!! I got to eat at the doggy deli. There were little tables and chairs just for me! I had the lamb. I didn't like sitting by myself though so I went and sat on Mommy's lap. It was sooo good. I ate as much as I could but like all restaurants I was full before I cleaned my bowl. Mommy took one of my poop baggies to make a (pardon the pun) doggy bag. They even brought me dessert!
OH OH OHHHH and before the deli I met a guy! He was really cute in a blue rhinestone collar. Too short for me but we played a whole bunch on the beach. Chasing each other and wagging our tails.
Unfortunately Daddy filled up the camera at the capilano suspension bridge so no pics of any of this....
I was sooo tired on our drive home - in which we were caught in terribly traffic mommy tells me - I fell asleep in Mommy's lap! Now I think I will lie down. Mommy has some work to do on her portfolio before tomorrow morning's interview but she is hoping to get some knitting in this evening.. I think I will sleep off that lamb and play with my purse.
Oh as promised my cake pictures..

You'll notice there are no high marks for presentation here. I think it was supposed to be a bone. Not to sure. Kinda lumpy and uneven.... at least it tasted good.


  1. Minou,
    CAKE!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!! That bridge looked SCARY, or in fact so scary us Southerners would say it was "sceery! I about messedmyself!" which of course you did not, because you have a mommy and a purse and you were safe! And cute!

    Hey, Minou, tell your mom I totally cried the other night because on Animal Rescue 911 they had a kitten trapped in a drainage ditch and I just cried and cried. Kitten ended up OK. Me? A big ol' mess. So I know how she felt with the doggie and the McDonald's.

    Also!! Your present? In the mail!!!!

  2. Cool bone cake--definitely looks like a bone to me. Bet it was really yummy.

    A doggie deli? I never knew such a thing existed, I have to find one to check out. Just not that much hip happening stuff around here.

    That bridge, oh man, I'd have to take some tranquilizers before I'd set foot on that baby. You and your mommy were VERY brave.