Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Mommy is making CAKE!!! She got home from work and made a cake. We were missing half the ingredients and Mommy is a lousy cook but I bet it will be good anyways. Mommy let me lick the baby chicken food jar.

It still has to cook fro 1/2 an hour and it is KILLING me. I am whining and whining. I already licked it as mommy was putting it in the pan - it doesn;t need to be cooked it is good just like that.
THEN I got to open my present!!!!!!

IT IS A CHEWY VITTON PURSE YAY!!!! My first vitton purse - hopefully one of many. Mommy doesn't even have one. HA HA HA HAAA!!!!! And I got some biscuits - vanilla mint - mommy said they smelled good. I think bacon smells better but I ate one and it was pretty good.

Daddy didn't get me anything yet. Silly Daddy...
Now I am just waiting for that Cake.... Need that Cake..... NOW..... I will sit by the stove and cry....
Thank you to Auntie Stpeh, Gromit and Crazy Aunt Purl!!!! This is the best birthday ever. Last year I had a party and I hated it - I wasn't the centre of attention at all - not like this year. Lucky me!!!!
Oh and this picture is for auntie steph - I put my purse in my little house!!

Tomorrow pictures of the cake and grandma trying my new biscuits!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Minou! We hope to meet you one day!

  2. Hey, I want a purse like that!!

    Oops, I just realized that I'm a claymation dog and I'm a guy. Do you think I could be following in the footsteps of CAP's ex? Nooo....

    Tres cool present Minou and I hope your cake was as good it sounded!

  3. Minou! I'm so glad that Mommy made you a cake. Such a special little puppy deserves cake! I can hardly believe how much you play in your tent... Is it your closet now????

    Oh - tell Daddy that you were right and he was wrong: That photo of you was taken the afternoon before Hurricane Juan. Remember how we went to the book fair and it was soooooo windy and then we picked up Uncle Andrew and went out to the ocean? Hee hee. I think I took that photo just before Sean Majumder went all crazy over you and started taking photos of you. Sorry Daddy. You lose.