Sunday, April 10, 2005

raincoat part 2 and sewing with stretch

Mommy made a new raincoat. She just wasn't happy with the fit. Those non stretch fabrics are difficult on puppies. Anyways the new one is MUCH better! I actually am hoping it might rain a little today so I can wear it - this is looking promising. I will get her to take a picture later. She is going to running class soon - last day - YAY MOMMY! I think she needs a new matching rain coat to run in. Maybe I will make her one as a surprise.
Mommy wanted me to say she was reading blogs last night and came across someone who wanted advice on sewing double stretch knits. Mommy has some advice but doesn't remember who it is....... So if you know maybe you could pass it on to her.
1) try and find a sewing machine with a walking foot You can buy an attachment that works fairly well for most machines. It helps pull both layers of the fabric together evenly
2) reduce the pressure on the presser foot alot of newer machines don't have knobs for this but if you can make it so it isn't pushing down so hard on the fabric as it feeds it through it won't stretch the fabric as much while you are sewing
3) use a zig zag stitch or a marcel stitch marcel is the one that makes a zig zag made up of several stitches. if you are sewing in stretch you need a stitch that stretches. At the ballet where we didn't have any fancy machines and the serger just wasn't enough, we marcelled everything
4) try to avoid the water soluble stabilizer it does work but what a hassle. Try tissue paper first if you need it. You can just rip it off afterwards. Cut long strips slightly wider then your seam allowance so you can line it up easily. You can also iron it if you need to and don't feel like ripping it out immediately
5) avoid topstitching if you can help it. most machines just won't do it nicely
Mommy says that is all she can remember right now and has to get going.. Good thing she has me to dictate too...


  1. I remember who it was. Sil. I'll direct her to this.

  2. Thanks for posting those tips! I am distressingly not-proficient at sewing stretchy things. No topstitching??? How will I survive....