Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I was at the VET! Not fair. I knew something was up. I was sooo scared. But I was brave. I only had one needle and some stuff up my nose. The vet looked at my knees too since I like to do the 3 legged chihuahua hop. But I couldn't fool him there is nothing wrong with me knee. I just don't like walking on cold or wet things.
Mommy says I won't have to go to the vet again for a long time and now we can start planning my birthday party!!!!
Today in the car I even sat in the passenger seat where I am supposed to - I never do. But since mommy said I was a big girl I thought I would try and act like one. I did good. I got lots of cookies while mommy sewed. I hide them all and then made mommy look for them. I would growl until she found them. I would help her though. It was a fun game...
i am tired it has been along day so I think I will go to bed...

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