Monday, April 18, 2005


This is for Mommy - she just wanted to send out big warm fuzzies and glowy gushie bits to all of her friends foe their nice comments. Next time she expects them all to be out there - if she can do it anyone can!!!
Next we must all cheer on Isa's mom and her bike race! 100 hotter-n-hell (we think this is the website)It looks even harder then a 10km run!!!! Go Isa's Mom!!!!!
Daddy took me for a walk today and I found an excellent dead thing in the grass. I rolled and rolled in it so much my little yellow shirt was FILTHY!!!! In fact I am filthy I hope I don't have to have a bath. Grandma was so disgusted by my dirty shirt she chased me to change my clothes. Maybe it is time for grandma to go home!
heh heh
Mommy brought home a bone from work. She said Jackie brought it - we met Jaqui at a dinner party at Xmas. Jaqui and I hit it off!!!! But I hadn't see her since. When she heard Mommy was working at the Stargate studio today she thought I would be along. That is why she brought me the bone.... I like Jaqui. I hope I am spelling her name right!
Oh and Mommy got another job today which will keep her busy until June sometime...YAYYYYYY!!!
ok time to play with mommy.she went to bed so early last night we hardly got to play. Grandpa is gone now so no more snoring to keep up awake...
P.S. Mommy came in 16026 out of 48,036 at a time of 65:34
Grandpa came in 16516 at a time of 66:10 - only 45 seconds later but 500 people in between!!! CRAZY!!!!,
P.P.S.Okay Mommy posed this interesting question to me today.... Let's say you are working on a movie and you are trying costumes on extras...
You have MEN'S costumes and WOMEN'S costumes. (pants vs. skirts)
Then what appears to be a MAN comes in except HE is very FEMININE. HE appears to have BREASTS and talks with a kinda high but not LADIES HIGH VOICE. You ask for HIS name it is KELLY*... Hmmm that doesn't help. You ask for shoe size - 10 1/2... that doesn't help... You ask for chest (not gender specific) and waist measurement. HE hands you a paper that gives you a BUST and waist measurement. Oh. BUST that is a SHE. The other costumer is calling HER a HIM because they have not seen this BUST measurement paper. You have seen HER forarms and think she might be a SHE but is still a HE. Eventually you put HER in PANTS even thought WOMEN are supposed to wear SKIRTS. Then another costumer comes and starts calling HER 'HIM'. You don't want to offend HER but aren't sure what to do. You point out BUST measurement. There are gasps. As you are blousing out HER shirt over HER belt you accidentally bump into HER BREAST. It sure felt like a breast. And do you get MEN's or WOMEN's 10 1/2 shoes - for those of you wondering it was the MEN's that fit....
Would someone please tell us - we are not freaked out about the transgendered or whatever it is called we just don't want to offend them!! How does one deal with this situation. AND just when you thought it couldn't happen again in walks GEORGE*. GEORGE has BREASTS. Your co-worker doesn't hear GEORGE's name and is talking about putting GEORGE in a DRESS. GEORGE says HE/SHE would rather wear PANTS. GEORGE asks for a MAN's shoe...
Oh my who knew fittings were so difficult...
(*names have been changed to protect the innocent)


  1. Hi Minou,
    Hope you escaped the bath!
    Very confusing question your mommy poses, it's not like you can ask someone what gender they are without offending. Something to ponder.

    For your mommy: Ok, Ang -- You've inspired me, I'll get ready to run a 10k (well, a 5k for starters). Or maybe I'll just sponsor Isa's mom? Congrats on the extra work.

  2. Minou - Is it X3? Tell me it's X3. 'Cause if it is X3 I'm quitting my job and coming to live with you for the next few months. Oh, wait, no, I think I already know what it is... it's that play, right? Oh oh oh! Did they ask your mommy to design it? 'cause if they asked her to design it I'm going to have to change the name of my blog to "A Little Bit of Angie".

    Okay, and as for the person of questionable gender... Could Mommy perhaps put a skirt and a pair of pants in their dressing area allow s/him to chooses?

    Oh Min min - tell Mommy that we saw Lala on the weekend. And her fabbo purses... and the chair she painted for a charity auction... oooohhhh.

  3. Minou,
    OMG! The same thing has happened to my Mommy! She was at a UNIX user group meeting (extreme geekdom!) and there was this person, tall, semi-broad shoulders, long hair, loose t-shirt (boobs?), nondescript glasses, wallet chained to pants (weird)... she couldn't tell! Then she and her friend waited around for introductions and it's name was Chris! No Help! The debates still on!

    And Mommy says thanks for the support and kind words about the "hotter -n- hell"! She says that riding a 100 miles is really easier than it sounds and it's much easier than running... except on the hoo-hoo! :-) Ouch! Nibbles, Isa

  4. Hi Minou! I can't believe how buff and athletic your mommy must be that she can run and A) not fall down B) keep breathing 3) finish a whole race! Hooray for her!

    Did you have to get a bath? If so, remember to shiver and look pathetic afterwards as it increases your chances of getting a treat.

    Also, I am often confused by gender. I don't know how to handle socially awkward situations. I usually excuse myself to go to the ladies room. Amazing how much time in my life I spend in the ladies room. heh.