Sunday, April 24, 2005

oh the horror!!!!

well Mommy whined whined whined, put on her BEST pouty face. Called anyone who knows how to use a calculator and was still unable to get help with her taxes... HEH HEH I'm glad there is no taxes for puppies. Although I am so cute I am sure I would find someone to do them for me. Not like Mommy. Daddy completely ignored her. I think next year she will get an accountant FOR SURE. She ended up on H&R block answering a bunch of questions. And apparently her taxes are done. She doesn't think she did them right but she answered the questions as best she could.
She does need to know her RRSP limit things though. And I can't help her with that.
Ugh.. Poor Mommy. Nice attempt though. And whatever she did worked cause it looks like she is getting $$ back.
Not alot but better then none.
I was going to take a picture of the mess she had on the floor but I thought it might upset her more - she was awful close to crying several times.
When you work in film you have MANY MANY MANY t4's, i think the equivalent is w2's in the states... not to mention she is also occasionally self employed - a whole other nuisance...and then all the receipts she had everywhere. I'm surprised she actually hadn't lost all this paperwork much sooner
oh well she is stopping for the night. At least a start has been made. She has seven more days to figure out how many mistakes she has. I wonder how funny all those government people will find her taxes?
by the way I had a GREAT day today. Mommy and I walked to the postoffice in the glorious sunshine. And after that we walked to the pet store - fetch - Mommy bought my birthday present!!! I'm turning two on Friday. I didn't see what she got the pet store lady was feeding me treats. I showed off alot there too. There was another Mommy and Daddy buying a food dish for a miniature schnauzer. They wanted him to pretend to eat out of the bowl to check the height. He wouldn't do it so while Mommy looked at toys I wandered over and pretended to eat out of the bowl for them. I am sooo smart. They all told me how pretty I was in my Sunday best (I had on my trench coat and pearls) I bet they wished I was their puppy instead!
Then on our walk back a funny Grandma lady named Sylvia walked all the way with us - for an hour. She kept calling me princess and asked mommy all kinds of questions. Mommy and her chatted the whole way. Crazy Mommy talking to strangers.
When we got home we suntanned for two hours. I LOVE suntanning with Mommy. We sat by the pool and relaxed. Mommy even did some knitting. It was wonderful. Maybe when mommy gets home form work tomorrow we can suntan again....
ok time for bed....


  1. Minou -- I'm so glad you behaved while your mommy did her taxes. I don't care what country you are in, it is never fun and even worse when you are self-employed.

    Wear sunscreen when you lie out, don't want you to get a burn just before your birthday?

    Are you having a party?

  2. Minou, Hi! Sorry I missed this post, oooh, I love to suntan too, except that I sort of glow in the dark, boyee am I pale! Anywho, glad to see you did not eat the taxes, though... upon further thought... maybe that would have helped your mommy, eh?