Tuesday, April 5, 2005

rain jacket

I hate it. I hate all rain jackets. Mom keeps trying it on me. Yuck. She says she needs to lower the neckline a bit. WHatever I think she can cut the whole thing up for all I care. Mommy said she couldn't get a nice picture cause I wouldn't sit down or put my tail up - of course not it is hideous how embarrassing.....
i bet she tries again. It is pouring rain outside today. No visits with Frankie. Mommy isn't even getting dressed....


  1. Min Min,
    Can I call you that? Your mommy is right, if she adjusts the neckline the rain jacket will fit fine, and be very attractive. Think of how nice it'll be to have something to wear when you have to go out and poop in nasty weather. Your mommy is thinking of you!
    P.S. Who is Joe Frank?? I'll have to look him up.

  2. Min min,
    You've GOT to email a photo of that jacket to Mariko at Supereggplant. She made a rain jacket for her dog too. I think she would love it!

  3. VERY nice! I love the colors (super sporty), and the fit looks great! By the way, I just fixed the link to my gallery, so you can look at the raincoats I made my dog if you want.