Friday, April 15, 2005

mommy's 'knitting'

heh heh because she isn't home it is payback time. This is what she gets for leaving me unsupervised.
My mommy is not a knitter like all the other knitter's out there whose blogs she reads. She is a pathetic wannabe.
I will say this - she only started last november after coveting the kitty cat hats in the stitch and bitch books. What else is a girl to do on a sunday afternoon in -30 in nova scotia?
HOWEVER she is not a 'knitter.'
1) She has no stash all of her yarn fits in a small bin. It is all leftovers from projects. There is no yarn waiting for that perfect project. None she bought just cause it was pretty or a great color. Not even sale yarn....
2) She only ever has one WIP at a time. This one is actually a bit creepy cause in no other area of her life is she this strict. She is as flighty as a butterfly and can never even finish the dishes without getting sidetracked by other silly things.
3) She has no desire to try cabling and is quite content with stockinette.Don't you knitters get a joy out of tackling new and difficult things?
4) If something doesn't fit she cuts it off and sews it. I don't think she knows what frogging is. She made the skully sweater last winter. It was too small so she knit a little panel and sewed the whole thing together - by overlock machine.
5) If she doesn't understand the abbreviations on a pattern she makes it up. This has caused some huge inaccuracies and ugliness - would it be too difficult to put in a call for help?
6) she has to buy needles everytime she makes a new pattern. don't most of you have a wide variety of needles? Even favourite types? Mommy buys anything - she isn't even about buying the cheapest - she takes whatever the lady at the counter gives her.
There you go - her dirty little secret. If you see her in the LYS don't tell her I told you but feel free to snicker whenever she picks up some yarn.
Maybe now instead of those stargate costumes she will stay home and play with me.


  1. 1. Well... do you still have that black yarn I gave you?? Come on, I'm trying to convert you... ;)
    2. Is Luc going to post some more in his blog, hmmm? I realy liked his first entry, but I can't leave a comment.
    3. A crash diet. Really. Well... you know what I'm thinking, so I won't say it. I just had to mention it. You know.
    4. What does your next week look like? Are you going to be as busy as this week? Zak is gone again as of Sunday morning. Pthbbbt.
    5. Yay for Luc and his raise! Yay for your hair! ;D

  2. Minou, please tell your mommy the following:
    1) She is a real knitter. Her last sweater looked great and the tankini is looking good as well. Is she planning on wearing it in LA?
    2) No stash, not a problem, I can share.
    3) Back in the old days, even I (Queen of Abandoned Projects) had only one WIP at a time, I was seduced by the dark side as I paid off student loans and had more cash. I have friends who have never, ever, taken on more than one project at a time--maybe those knitters aren't guilt ridden by their inability to focus, so they don't talk about these things as much on their blogs.
    4) You can live your whole life without cabling, or doing lace or whatever. Your mommy knows how to construct clothes and she can be creative in any number of ways. Knitting is supposed to be fun and for a lot of people like your mommy that fun does not need to include complications, we all have enough complications in the rest of our lives.
    5) I'm jealous that your mommy has a serger and knows how to use it! There have been any number of times I could have used that equipment or even basic sewing skills -- mostly I just wear things that don't fit. I aim for bigger. Since I'm too lazy to fix things, smaller would be more of a problem. Rolling up sleeves is always fashionable!
    6) Ang, feel free to call for help on reading pattern abbreviations any time. Minou, if your mommy doesn't want to, you can go ahead and post her questions to your blog, I'm sure a lot of people would be glad to send answers.
    6) I've got tons of needles, but I've been collecting them for 11 years. I still buy more because I can never find the size I need when I want them, they're always stuck in some project somewhere. My favorites change with the project, yarn and my hormone levels (don't ask). Your mommy will figure out which ones she likes and which ones she doesn't as she does more knitting.
    Wheew eee, this is the world's longest comment!

  3. Min min... I am aghast! How could you call your mommy a non-knitter? Jeepers... When Auntie Steph, er, I, rather, was still trucking along on pokey little hats, she was making the alien head scarf in S&B! She was daring enough to go ahead and knit her first sweater without a lot of experience. And best of all, she knits continental style, so she's very fast! She may be a self-controlled yarn purchaser, but she's a kamikaze pattern chooser!
    You should be ashamed of yourself, little dog. Non knitter, indeed!

    (And Ang, I feel bad for admonishing the dog, so please give her a greenie... and for heaven's sake woman, don't be so hard on yourself! Also, you know you can always MSN me with questions.)