Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hommage to CAP's divorce papers...

Mommy wanted to do an hommage to the now infamous divorce papers - featuring her tax papers! She wanted to show a day in the life of Canadian personal income and small business taxes...
However her camera batteries died.
So pretend with us if you will that here are Mommy's taxes papers half sewn through on the industrial sewing machine at work. (she really did do this - just for the joy of doing it) Next to them are a box of pins, a travel mug full of earl grey tea, two pairs of scissors, a broken ruler and a chalk pencil.
Picture 2, the tax papers being burnt with the industrial iron... this would be fun to do. Unfortunely we had turned the irons off for the day so mommy didn't even try this one.
Picture 3 - the tax papers being folded and pinned into an alien costume - origami at it's finest... There is probably some sparkly fabric involved in some weirdly cut garment
Picture 4 - the papers on a coffee break - with coffee spilled all over them.... there is probably dirty chocolate fingerprints too as mommy is constantly stealing chocolate from the kitchen.
Picture 5 - the tax papers being sliced in two by the serger!!!! WOOHHOOOO! what fun!!!!!!!
Picture 6 - The tax papers having holes put in them with the grommet machine and then laced together with leather...
Picture 7 - home time - the tax papers being run over by the truck - or maybe not being let through the studio gates by security and having to spend the night on the lot - alone and cold.....
My day was very boring compared to Mommy's taxes. I was alone most of the day. Daddy took me to the park when he got home which was fun - POOP NECK!!!!!! I miss mommy though and stood on her shoulder slapping her face with my happy tail when she got home....


  1. Minou, something tells me that truck would be a red Ford with a matching "topper".

    Great hommage - I bet CAP will love it. I especially like the part about the tax papers being sliced by a serger.

    In sad news - my tax papers haven't seen the light of day yet this year. I'm living on the edge! I may get in trouble for tax paper neglect!

  2. Minou, what a great idea and such a wonderful list of things one should do to tax papers. To put it in perspective since you don't pay taxes -- tax papers are more evil than cats.

    Hmm, I want to find a way to steal this idea, but I filed my taxes on line so I don't have any papers and my divorce papers are long since signed. Back to the drawing board.

    Do you have a party planned for your birthday?

  3. Dear Minou, ahahahahaha I wish your mommy's camera could have captured those images!! But I am enjoying thinking of her pleasure, even if small and also sort of still slightly mad, at putting the EVIL taxes through the works.

    Hey, I have been a self-absorbed and also very bad blogger this past week who has spent a lot of time under the covers. So I apologize for not getting to this sooner... but...

    YOU HAVE A BIRTHDAY coming up!

    And I am late on the birthday bandwagon, but if your mommy will email me an address I have a birthday pig's ear for you!!

    P.S. Promise I won't show up and stalk you

    P.P.S. Unless you have cake!! I love cake!!

    (just kidding... though I do love cake)

  4. Minou - don't tell mommy - but I did some baking tonight. I bet she'll never guess what is coming in the mail along with your b-day present. I'll give YOU a hint: Crumbs. Lots of 'em.

  5. cute blog...very funny!