Saturday, April 16, 2005

Gromit is too nice to my Mommy...

I was trying to make my Mommy feel horrible about abandoning me the past few days. Well silly Gromit thwarted my plans!!! Oh well. I guess I should be thankful that people still like my Mommy even when her feet stink and she doesn't wash her hair.
Ok well if she is a real knitter then maybe she isn't a real ..... hmm she does sew. She doesn't cook but doesn't pretend too. She doesn't clean... She doesn't do ironing.... She doesn't make the bed.
Wait - maybe she isn't a real Mommy - Daddy is more like a Mommy.... I'm getting confused...
It worked. Mommy felt guilt and took me to work today. It has been great fun. I have been chasing cats all day. I even let one hit me in the head several times. Mommy started with the potato chips bright and early this morning (she says she needs her carbs for the race tomorrow - A) potato chips? B) she is no elite athletic and hardly needs carbs a glass of water would do her better - so I was catching the ones she dropped on the floor - what a slob. There is a fly in here that is great fun to chase too. Mommy's friend is sewing with us too and she talks to me.

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  1. Hey Min min - make sure Mommy gets all the carbs she needs! But if she misses the crumbs, I'm sure she won't need them. Oh, would you mind giving her a message for me? Tell her I had an accident with some money and a drop spindle at Gaspereau Valley Fibres. I really don't know how it happened. But I've got a Turkish spindle now. sigh.

    Ang - good luck tomorrow. And as they say in the athletic world - don't break a leg!