Saturday, April 23, 2005


Here is Grandma dressing me after I got poop all over my yellow shirt a few days ago. You can tell I was impressed. NOT.

Here is a little something something that is going in the mail tomorrow. I wonder if anyone can figure out who's it is?heh heh.. I such a clever puppy dawg!

Today was GREAT day. We stayed in bed and played for a bit. I play bit Mommy's hand and made my singing noises! She did it back. What fun to do in bed in the morning.Then Daddy got out the bikes and we went for a bike ride with Grandma. All the way to UBC. I loved it except when it got to windy. Then I just stuck my head in the basket a little. I hate the wind in my ears. Everyone now and then Mommy let me out of the basket to sniff and peepee. I love bike rides. I especially like it when we pass other dogs - I bark at them so they can see how lucky I am. Then we went home and I had a nap while Mommy and Daddy and Grandma went out. When they came back they had plants and a BBQ!!!! What fun. Daddy set up the BBQ, Grandma and Mommy played in the dirt and I jumped and ran all over. Here are some pics

You'll notice I am wearing my new David Bowie Diamond Dogs t-shirt. I asked Mommy for some rhinestones on it but we can't agree on a good place to put them... Maybe tomorrow. It was fun. Now it is bedtime. I hope we have this much fun tomorrow.


  1. Minou -- a barbeque, think of all the wonderful goodies that your mommy and daddy will make, even better than cookies!

    I wish I could ride in a basket on a bike ride instead of peddling!

    Ooh, cute things going in the mail, I know where they're going!!

  2. Minou - Daddy looks pretty proud of his new "kitchen". I think you're going to have a great summer!!!! Lots of charred offerings for the puppy!!!