Wednesday, April 6, 2005

owwweeeeee and joe frank

I just fell. I tried to jump on mommy's lap to do my blogging but I just woke up and i was too tired. I totally missed and fell on my back. Mommy picked me up and talked baby talk to me and scratched my tummy a bit. so I feel better now.
Mommy fixed the neck a bit on my rain coat. I still am not crazy about it - it isn't soft but it is better and it kept me dry when we went to the pet store for TREATS!
Gromit asked who Joe Frank is.. Apparently Mommy used to listen to him on the radio in L.A. B.M. (Before Minou or ME) I guess it was some hour long show. He either tells some sort of story or has a phone conversation and they always sound like they are true - but then they aren't and they are really funny.There is one where he is interviewing a mime. The mime is discussing different types of miming (?sp) which included blind miming; where the audience can't see the mime, it actually refers to the fact that originally the mimes used to do their performance behind blinds and not that the audience can't see, and then there was psychic miming; I think this one the mime projected his performance telepathically to the audience. I can't remember I will have to find mommy's ipod later. But he talks very seriously in a deep voice so if you aren't paying attention you think hmmm this is a real interview but then you hear what they are saying and you know it can't be true! The mime interview is taking place in a hotel room too and every now and then the couple in the next room are getting too loud 'humping the baboon' so they have to stop the interview. mommy always giggles.
Mommy's friend downloaded a bunch of joe frank once upon a time. But you can't anymore. Although apparently you can hear his stuff on his website and he has the american radio stations listed there where you can still hear him. We don't get him in Canada although CBC is doing something similar with wiretapped on Sat. nights.
mommy says she is going for a run this am - after her big bowl of captain crunch I have my doubts. I am not going with her either - it looks like rain. Maybe we will go out later.

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  1. Many thanks Min min. I've bookmarked the site and will download some stuff when I'm not so pooped and it doesn't hurt to laugh. Keep the faith, your mommy will drop that Captain Crunch sometime soon!