Friday, April 1, 2005

cousin and uncle

My grandpa sent me pictures of my uncle and my cousin. I have met my cousin once and he was as small as me but fat. He looks big now. I don't think I like him very much. too big. and my uncle I have never met but if he is like my other uncle I don't like him either. I am glad we live far away...

This is my uncle J-rock - he is my uncle Yogi's brother.

This is J-Rock and Julien, my cousin, look at his big mouth!!! I bet he eats small animals - aka ME!
Mommy went for a run this morning I was surprised. She didn't come home from work until 2:30am. And I woke her up this morning cause I wanted to play! hee hee... But then she went for a run. She was going to tak me but I didn't want to go. I wouldn't let her put my leash on. So I got to stay home. She has been cleaning all morning now but she says we are going for a walk. She better hurry before it rains. Dictator Daddy will be happy the house is clean though.
I'm gonna go bug Mommy and see if we can get that walk started!
P.S. the vet is going to sell my clothes!!!!

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  1. Minou, stay away from those big dogs. Your're right, they might think you were a small snack! Glad the vet is going to sell all your cute clothes!