Thursday, March 31, 2005

mommy's crappy camera

we are dressed and ready for the VET. I am wearing my new trenchcoat! Woohoo even though I am dressed in a cute little coat I won't go outside and have a poo. It is starting to cause me some grief. It is pouring rain. I wait by the door and mommy opens it and I run away - I just can't do it.
mommy's camera isn't working properly but she was finally able to get some crappy pictures off of it.

here is my little trench coat... not a flattering picture. I'll have to set up the tripod and us the timer and do it myself mommy is so bad.

this is mommy's knitting before she discovered she was missing 20 stitches - can she count? and started over... it is about this far again though.
Oh mommy wants me to wear a flower on my trenchcoat - I will go pick one out....
WARNING If I do not post again in the near future then this whole shopwing clothing to the vet was a big trick and I have been given SHOTS or some other horrible thing. Please call the SPCA or chihuahua rescue to look for me if I disappear.
(I know it is that vaccine time of year again)


  1. look quite lovely. Auntie Steph is rather tired, min min

  2. Min min,
    Please send me an email later and let me know how it went at the vet with the clothes. If I don't receive one before tomorrow, I'll know that you are lame from the vaccinations and I'll send help.
    You love quite lovely in that new trench coat. A bit like Audrey Hepburn, really.

    I'm home now from my harrowing trip. I'll post on my blog some time tomorrow. I'm totally pooched tonight. Hee hee. Pooched.