Friday, March 25, 2005

Feels like a Saturday...

Not much happening today. Mommy waited until I woke up then we both went and woke up Daddy. I licked his face alot and made lots of singing noises to wake him up. He liked it. Then when it looked like everyone was ready to play I went and got my chihuahua toy. It was great fun. I wish sometimes we would stay in bed ALL DAY! Mommy and Daddy went out for awhile but then Mommy came back and we went for a walk. She let me take my time and sniff everything. There was no good horse poop to eat. I don't think Mommy was feeling well cause when we got back out came the hot water bottle - that means snuggling on the couch time!!! We've played a little bit but I have been mostly bored today. Daddy has been busy on his computer. I'm not sure what he has been up too - he got a blog but he hasn't written anything on it! It is all empty! I keep checking but NOTHING!
So disappointing. Maybe tomorrow...
I put a link to it down below.
I like links.
I also asked mommy to help me put my toys on my blog. I don't have WIPs but I have ALOT of toys. We aren't sure about the organizing right now but she is working on the code for them. I can make changes later - Like maybe just the favourite toy of the week. There is so many we had a little photo shoot. I wish mommy would get a better camera. And she missed my chihuahua and my hedgehog. We will have to do it again. There isn't even half of them online right now. SOOO MANY!!! I love my toys.. Daddy was trying to teach me to clean them up today - good luck with that one.

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