Sunday, March 27, 2005


Mommy made Easter Bread. She tried to make it the way Great Grandma did before I was born. I think she did pretty good considering she sucks in the kitchen. (Daddy does all the cooking round here) It would have been better but mommy set the timer and took a nap - she didn't TURN IT ON! Oops woke up to a very brown and crispy bread. They took it out just in time. Mommy also didn't have any food coloring to dye her eggs - which were brown and probably wouldn't color well either. I managed to score a few crumbs off the floor and it was pretty good.

Mommy also finally took a picture of Daddy's slippers. Look he is wearing them and they fit!

Next to start the tankini - if she ever finishes these silly stargate costumes. She has been sewing on the all weekend but she keeps procrastinating. Keeps reading that cat blog.
Happy easter....

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