Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just a few reasons why Mommy and Me love Auntie Steph

21.She blogs like this:
Blinkette says: (8:52:42 AM)
    I have to go poo... (no, you're not allowed to blog that). brb.
20. She always used to bring Mommy treats from her dads store.
19. She survives in a land with no Sunday shopping.
18. She understands the need for Winners splurges.
17. Auntie Steph takes me shopping in the Bay in a backpack
16. Uncle Andrew tells the best casino closet stories (okay not really about Auntie Steph but it really is a good story and should make it to blog land one day)
15. She is the best Dog - Mother
14. She has stayed good friends with Mommy for a long long time!!! One of the longest - only Mandy beats out Auntie Steph.
13. She made Mommy hot tea when she was sick during the power outage from the hurricane
12. Her special Bob voice.
11. She still refers to 'heather' as 'heather'
10. Uncle Andrew - her sweetie - is actually a spouse in a talented wonderful band
9. She makes me wonderful sweaters
8. She would let Mommy attenpt to eat a dozen donuts - just wait til she comes out here and has krispy kremes - mommy doesn't even get out of the store!
7. She puts up with Dictator Daddy constantly flirting with her.
6. Because she is tiny.
5. On the first morning of her honeymoon she woke Mommy up in bed and took her for breakfast.
4. Her new wonderful husband didn't mind.
3. She is the female version of Dictator Daddy.
2. She makes tasty granola bars for Mommy that Mommy can't eat without making crumbs.
1. She bought me my tent that I sit in everyday.

1 comment:

  1. Minou! You made me cry! And I'm at work!
    You and Mommy are the best. I had forgotten all about the drugstore treats and the breakfast on our honeymoon. We'll just have to keep adding to our lists over the years, ok?
    Excuse me. I think I need to go have a moment.