Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Here it is - Mommy's sweater is FINISHED!!

She did it!!!! I don't think it makes her look fat - she is crazy - it is perfect fro me to snuggle in with her. I'm not in the picture because I was taking the picture - of course!
Can you tell one sleeve is a different dyelot? And she didn't block it or anything because she doesn't know if she needs too. She isn't very clever. It is very very soft because it is made of the rowan cotton/wool. The weather is even being kind of cool today so that it isn't too warm for her to wear it - perfect!
Mommy said she has enough yarn left for her to make me a matching one - I hope it doesn't take as long as hers did....

1 comment:

  1. Minou -
    Please tell your Mommy that she did a great job on the sweater! I can't believe it's done! And you, little pupster, did a great job with the photo.
    Tell Mommy that if she decides to block the sweater, she could just lightly block it with steam.