Friday, March 11, 2005

Mommy's unemployed again

wooohoo mommy is unemployed again... we get to -
wait what is she doing - it is stinky.. hang on....
Ok Mommy is in the bathroom she has on big green rubber gloves and a bottle of something. She is putting something smelly on the top of her head. It really stinks - it makes me sneeze. It is kind of like when she cleans the bathroom and I sneeze and sneeze only it is on her head. She is weird and she looks funny... She was singing some song about how she hopes all her hair doesn't fall out.
Whatever. Anyways she is unemployed again and we get to sleep in. On Mommy's current sleep pattern that means sleeping until 7:00am. We lied on the couch after she got up and watched bad tv though while we kissed each other and I got a tummy rub. I love my mommy.
I'm a little bored now - I wish mommy would take me for a walk. I heard something scary last night on our run. We were running beside the water and it was dark and all I could hear was 'ribbit ribbit' I was so scared kept trying to cross the street. The one time I did try to go see what it was - I was just shaking - it stopped making the noise. I have never heard such a think before. So scary.
I'm gonna go see if her hair fell out yet and then have some breakfast.


  1. Min min,
    I'm happy to hear that mommy will be getting some sleep this weekend. I'm hopefully going to get some myself...
    Although, I have just spent the ENTIRE evening cleaning my hallway and kitchen because of Shawn, the painter man.
    I'll be lucky if MY hair doesn't fall out.

  2. Did your hair fall out? ;)
    Are you coming on Sunday?