Wednesday, March 2, 2005

No Licking

Mommy hasn't taken me to work this week. Today she came home early though! We had a nap together - it was so nice! After the nap we went for a run. It was raining and I kept trying to turn around. Mommy wouldn't let me go home so she put my leash on me. Running was fun though and there was hardly and big dogs to sniff my butt. When we started to run home again Mommy took my leash off again. YAY! I flew like the wind. It was still raining but it wasn't too bad in the trees. On the way home I managed to get two big chunks of horse poop! Mom screamed at me so I ate it real fast. Yummy.
Daddy aka Dictator won't let me lick tonight. Probably has something to do with the horse poop.
Tomorrow I am going to work with mommy. Our call time is 7:15 and it takes an hour to get there. We will have to get up early tomorrow. Eeks....
Then Mommy has Friday off. There is a new store downtown that is selling dog clothes so Mommy wants us to go look and see if they will sell my clothes. It is very expensive! What fun...
Daddy still won't let me lick. It makes me sad.

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