Sunday, March 13, 2005


We went out last night - it was the first time in FOREVER. My mommy and daddy are recluse - like in their behavior. It is creepy really. I was a good for the car trip I harldy cried - that's because I knew where we were going! When mommy parked the car I was screaming at her - HURRY HURRY HURRY. She told me to be quiet and let her get her seat belt off. She just didn't understand how exciting it was. Just because sje can talk on the phone with people. I can't so it has been a million years since I have seen Auntie Thyrza and Uncle Erez.
When we got there nobody was in the house! I ran from room to room yelling 'where are you?" I was frantic. But no answer. Finally we found UNcle Erez and found out everyone was outside. Yippee!!! I ran and ran. I was so excited I wouldn't even let them catch me. But Auntie Thyrza got me. I licked her whole face - she tastes good. We stayed there for supper - AGAIN they didn't give me anything. After supper I got to sit on mommy's lap on the couch and watch them play a weird game with weird food. They had all this food that looked like paper and some more that looked like my cookies! Only they were blue and red and white. They would put the cookies in the middle of the table and then look at their silly paper food and put more cookies on the table. I was trying really hard to get the cookies in the middle. But all mommy would say was 'how much should I bet?' whatever that means. In the end mommy sucks cause she lost all her cookies. I fell asleep before I saw what daddy finished with.
Oh and how could I forget. I saw that evil cat again!!!!!! Just for a second. I tried to get it but it took off. It is so evil. I don't know why Auntie thyrza and Uncle Erez let it in their house. They should set a trap for it. Maybe next time I am there I will tell them that.
ok.. Mommy's off to running class I will say goodbye to her...

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