Thursday, March 24, 2005


Mommy and I went out this afternoon. First we went to Urban Yarns. Unfortunately puppies aren't allowed there - even extra cute ones - so I won't get to go again. Mommy was hoping to see Mandy but she had the day off. Maybe next time. Mommy got some cascade fixation yarn. Now she thinks she doesn't like the colors she took - but frankly Mommy they only had 5 colors to chose from. I think she should get over it. Knowing the way she knits it won't fit her anyways so it won't matter if she doesn't like the color.
After that we went to the bank - a touch of wool is across the street. So we went in just to LOOK. Right whatever. Puppies are allowed there. YAY! Mommy bought some more wool for slippers for Daddy. Since those first ones were so unsuccessful.
I wore my new t-shirt while shopping. Mommy tried to take a picture in the backyard but I was makign her chase me.


  1. min min,
    please tell mommy that Aunt Stephie's friend (Gadoury Chronicles) made slippers with the lopi yarn and it didn't felt very well.
    If she needs some brown sheep stuff I'll send it!

  2. Mommy has used the lopi yarn for most of her slippers and they worked fine! Daddy wanted a thick pair which is why we are using the thick lopi instead of the finer stuff.
    It's knitting up real quick one slipper is half done and all I had was one nap!

  3. Min min - Tell Mommy that she should make purses out of Daddy's too-big slippers. She could cut off the heel and line it with fabric and put a long shoulder strap on them. They could be used to hold your treats when you go for walks.