Sunday, April 30, 2006

Minou's third birthday
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Here I am with my CAKE!!! It was soooooo good. It was still warm when we FINALLY got to eat it. Everybody sang happy birthday to me. I picked two toys at the pet store. I couldn't get a sniffany and co box or a jimmy chew shoe because they didn't have any - Mommy says if she finds some elsewhere she will buy them.
We even got more cake for breakfast today!!!!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

sun run 2006
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Here is a picture from the sun run last weekend with Mommy and Daddy. They are right behind the yellow line in the middle - in white shirts like everyone else. Mommy has sunglasses on. It was the start of the race - there was over 50,000 people that took over 1 1/2 hrs. to get across the start line! Mommy beat her time last year - barely - by 30 seconds, 65:06. Daddy's time was a little slower cause he didn't practise 66:32. I know I could do it even faster - this however is assuming people wouldn't step on me - it looks scary with all those people.

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I am three!!!!!!
Mommy has been working in Victoria and I thought she wasn't even going to be home for my birthday but late last night she came home. WITH THE BEST PRESENT EVER - SNOTTY KLEENEXES!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy has a cold and there are snotty kleenexes everywhere. I have shredded several already. This is the BEST birthday. There is even a parade happening into in front of my favourite pet store. I think it is all in my honor. Unfortunately it is raining so I refuse to set foot outside.
Mommy is taking me, Auntie Penny and Birdie to fetch, (the pet store) later to pick out a present. Maybe a Jimmy chew shoe? Then we will stop at the grocery store and get the ingredients for cake.
I promise we will post some pictures - hopefully before Mommy takes the computer back to Victoria.
Mommy had her first class for her 1/2 marathon today - she coughed up a lung but managed to stay with everyone in the class. We all think she is nuts but then I guess we already knew that.
Almost time to get my birthday present.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

mommy and daddy did the 10km sun run. They said it was a beautiful day. It was sunny and warm. They don't know their times yet because they will be in the paper tomorrow.
When they finally got home we sat outside with Auntie Penny ALL AFTERNOON. It was great. I suntanned with Mommy and Birdie chewed on sticks with Auntie Penny. Mommy put some sunscreen on me but she thinks I got a sun burn anyways.
Mommy and Auntie Penny also gave us all Authentic Indian Names Mommy said I should apologize if it offends anyone. But we do live on a reservation so we should have Authentic Indian Names.
My name is "Charlotte Gilded Strawberry"
Birdie is"Dalia Grassy Buffalo"
Mommy is "Josephine Promotional Eagle"
Auntie Penny is "Laura terrific Drinker"
Dictator is "Geoffery Fleabitten Badger"
Don't forget they are authentic.

Friday, April 21, 2006

so Mommy reads Moe's blog and gets all jealous so her and Daddy got a little out of control.
See pictures below...
Leaky ceiling
Leaky ceiling
Our new exposed ceiling
leaky ceiling

Here are some pictures of my uncles Yogi and J-Rock.
Yogi and Jrock
Yogi's tail and Birdie

Mommy took us to the vet today cause Birdie had lots of diarrhea last night. We both got needles and pills - it sucks...I thought for sure Birdie would just be sent away - Mommy kept mentioning glue factory. Mommy said we better be happy she is working and can afford to pay for the needles. WHATEVER. HOW ABOUT GREENIES!!! Since we have had diarrhea there has been a SEVERE shortage of greenies evern though I KNOW THEY ARE IN THE CLOSET....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mommy is working again...
First she did two days on this they worked long days..
Now she has started this!
She has to go to Victoria to work on it as it is being filmed there. Not quite Poland... Oh well. It is a job, Mommy is happy to be working again.
Birdie and I are happy to be back in Vancouver. Calgary was stressful with all those big dogs. We have more pictures of them but Mommy hasn't put them on the computer yet.
Birdie starts school next week - heh heh heh...

Sunday Mommy and Daddy are doing the 10 km Sun run - I am glad I don't have to go. It is supposed to be really nice outside - 17 degrees C. I hope we can play outside afterwards.

Auntie Penny is staying with us right now. It is nice - if Mommy is at work she stays home and plays with us. Birdie likes her alot.

I was sick in Calgary but I am starting to feel better. Birdie is sick now too - Mommy keeps saying the word vet - EEKS Birdie better get better or ELSE. I had diarrhea and now Birdie does. It is pretty gross.

I'm tired. So is Mommy and so is Birdie. And Daddy.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Auntie Jenn and Birdie want to cut a record. I think they were inspired by "walk the line"
Ignore Mommy's out of tune singing in the background. (P.S. you need volume for this one)

julien and birdie arguing over greenie

\5 =fr
888888888888bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb ;'

jenn and julien
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we are at auntie's!!! this is auntie and julien... he is BIG!!!!
i was sick for a few days - an upset tummy. but i feel better now.. i had breakfast today.
i don't like it at auntie's cause julien and ling ling drool too much and try to steal my greenies. birdie is brave/stupid she tries to bite them.
grandma is here too so when i need protection i go sit with grandma....
it is kind of cold here - we tried to go fir a walk but the wind bugged me too much.
Friday grandma took us to the pet store. The stupid people who worked there kept trying to feed me and birdie their lame treats. You know the dried out bulk bin ones - I don't think so. I only eat fresh homemade ones - or horse poop. (that could still be considered fresh and homemade by the way)
we haven't done much else. Birdie and I have had to team up just to make sure the other dogs don't get us.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's official. Stephen Harper (HISS HISS BOO BOO) took away Mommy's dream job. The Canadian EVIL CONSERVATIVE gov't and their new accountabilty act took away the funding for the movie and now it isn't going to be made. At least not with any Canadians anytime soon.
Mommy is sad. Now she needs to get a job to make up for the fact that she hasn't had a real one in forever.
At least she won't be abandoning us for the summer.

On to more pleasant things....
we drove to Calgary today - such a loong drive. Now we are at Yogi's house.
We stopped at Salmon Arm for lunch at a McDonalds. It was great. Mommy was sitting on the grass with me and Birdie eating her lunch. And a wind came along. It blew her napkin into the parking lot. Well Birdie being less than intelligent went running after it. Mommy saw her go running into the parking lot threw her burger back in the bag and went running after Birdie. Me being a super intelligent kind of dog. Immediately stuck my head in mommy's bag, ignored the ketchup as it smeared across my forehead and ear and Managed to get half the hamburger in my mouth. I had it mostly chewed and swallowed before Mommy realized whatr happened. HA HA HA HAAAA!!! It was soooo good. Birdie didn't have a clue what happened. She was still trying to get the napkin. Mommy was ticked and ate what was left of her burger and fries. The only bad thing to come out of it is she is threatening me with a bath as I still have ketchup on my ear.
Not much else happened. Birdie likes to sing with Mommy in the car. It is really annoying. Especially on the A-ha take on me song - they both were sooo out of tune.
I think it is bed time. I guess I'll comfort mommy a little....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

i had to go to the vet yesterday.
not impressed.
It was time for my vaccines - mommy said my birthday is coming up.
The stupid vet also told mom she has to brush my teeth more.
Stupid vet.
This morning Mommy was going to try going for a run again (her run on Sunday was unsuccessful because her b@@b got sore) but now she has cramps! So she is a new painkillers from the doctor and she says she is quite comfortable on the couch and isn't sure if she can stay vertical for more then 5 minutes.
Nice excuse mommy. (her eyes are kinda glazed over and she keeps dazing off at nothing)

Many of you are probably wondering why Mommy is still here - yesterday was supposed to be her first day of work in Europe. Well. Mommy sucks and was fired.
not true.
They keep postponing the movie. It is very frustrating. Mommy and the designer are starting to go to interviews for other jobs. Not sure if they should take them or not. How long do you wait......... how small can your bank account be....
Wednesday we are going to visit Grandpa, Grandma, and Auntie jen, and julien and madelaine and j-rock and yogi. EEEEEE!!!! I am excited to see the people. But not the stupid dogs, they are all big and drool. I have never seen two of them I can only imagine how annoying they are. Maybe I will feed Birdie to them. She has no idea what is about to happen.
It is a 10 hour drive to Calgary through the mountains so I guess I will sleep all day tomorrow in the truck.
Remeber that stuff called knitting... Mommy hasn't touched it in awhile. I have been pressuring her to finish the 3rd skull pirate sweater but no luck.
mommy sucks.

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Birdie's first tooth
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burdee no tuth. tuth go bi bi. burdee beg lik meneu now. burdee eet beg pupl fud now.

Thursday, April 6, 2006

lunch at the doggy style deli
burdee at gud fud. burdee at an at an at mur gud fud. burdee tird. gud fud.

lunch at the doggy style deli
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holy smokes look where we went today!!!!! it was sooo exciting.... I didn't know where we were going I had only been there once before. BUT I LOVED IT. Birdie did too. We went to the Doggy Style deli on Denman st. and had small dishes of Beef with bacon bit topping. Oh it was soooo good. The waitress brought it to the table. Birdie had to stand on the table cause she was to small to reach. I sat in my seat - well stood. We couldn't finish it - it was sooo much food. so we got to bring a doggy bag home which I hope I can eat for supper. Birdie ate all the bacon bits though. Mommy tried to make a movie but it didn't import properly and so no movie.
After lunch we went to see CHRISTINE CHRISTINE! and minou
yay we hadn't seen her in awhile.... it was fun. Now Birdie and I are super tired and sleeping.
The lady's at the deli asked for our pictures to put on their website - so maybe we will get to be models for the doggy deli!!! free food for life!!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

ok so I had a really good idea last night. If I can't get rid of birdie I will be a Mommy. Then I can boss birdie around and tell her what to do.
I thought of it when Mommy didn't come to bed with Daddy last night. She was still watching tv. So I went to bed with daddy and there was half the bed - all to myself. So what would Mommy do? I put my head on her pillow and the blankets were just right so I put my little front paws on top of the blankets and went to sleep.
It was great until Mommy came to bed. She sat at the foot (well middle of the bed I am too short) and looked at me.
"your in my spot" she whispered.
I looked at her but didn't move.
"hey minou you have to move that is my spot"
this time I just looked at her out of the corner of my eye. but i still didn't move.
"what do you want me to do go sleep on the couch?"
This time I gave her a kiss cause I thought it was a good idea but I put my head back on her pillow.
"move minou"
she wasn't catching on. so i didn't even look at her and closed my eyes like I was sleeping.
"minou that is mommy's spot"
exactly I'm not moving. i'm sleeping.
but I have my size against me.
That huge mammoth woman just picked me up and sat down in my spot. My nice warm spot. Put her head on my pillow. I ended up sleeping by her feet.
i bet if i let birdie pee half way down the bed mommy won't want to sleep there.... hmmm... must find a way to keep her from sleeping in my new spot.

p.s. mommy is starting to feel better. her b**b is still sore but not as much, still a funny color too. she goes back to the doctor this morning.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Birdie SUCKS. that is all I have to say. i tried to bite her this morning to prove it. Mommy got mad. Well I am mad too. Stupid dog.
yesterday mommy got this in the mail from Auntie steph.
birthday present
she was very excited. It was her birthday present. Don't worry - you don't have to wish her happy birthday. Her birthday was in October. Mommy thought it came on a much better day when she needed a present more.
there was soap
A penis pencil (long story but not really)
a cd with a mix by auntie steph - of course there is matt mays on it
stitch markers by auntie steph
and hand lotion - has auntie steph told you about her hand lotion
2 small dog sweaters?
dog sweater?
doesn't auntie steph know how big birdie has grown? and why does she need two matching sweaters? AND WHY IS THERE ONLY ONE ARMHOLE???? Auntie steph is on crack.

Actually Mommy is on crack.
they were for mommy and her fingers not birdie. But boy was it funny watching Mommy trying to figure it out.
Mommy says thank you Auntie Steph you are the best.
P.S. there was candy too but Daddy ate it all already...
heh heh....burdee chanj evrting. meneu sleep an burdee blog. momee wach teevee. mabee i maak movee. movee aboot burdee.

Monday, April 3, 2006

burdee got profil. heh heh. now burdee contrl blog. AL MIN! momee stil no feel gud so i jump on hr. shee lik wen i jump on hr. burdee wel chaanj evureeting.
burdee nombr 1!
Birdie baby
me so cut!

Sunday, April 2, 2006

birdie is an idiot. she knows nothing. Mommy still isn't well. She went to the doctor with Daddy tonight and now has pills to take. if you want TO MUCH INFORMATION this is what is Mommy has. Remember it will be TO MUCH INFORMATION so don't press the link if you don't want to know. I am only sharing this TO MUCH INFORMATION as it has mommy kinda freaked out and if anyone has any comforting experiences with this to share she would appreciate it. Keep in mind Mommy is not breast feeding or going through menopause. (perhaps that was already TOO MUCH INFORMATION)
as a result we didn't do much this weekend. slept alot. Mommy read an entire book in less then 24 hours (daVinci's code - she is probably the last person to read it). Didn't even get our nails cut even though mommy has been talking about it for quite awhile.

Saturday, April 1, 2006

momee beder. me sit on elbo me mac momee beder. wen momee cri me cri too. mac momee hapee.
me not pee pee on baad plas jus gud plas wen momee sec.
i gud duggee.
meneu gud dugee too.
dektater gud dugee too.
- burdee