Wednesday, April 5, 2006

ok so I had a really good idea last night. If I can't get rid of birdie I will be a Mommy. Then I can boss birdie around and tell her what to do.
I thought of it when Mommy didn't come to bed with Daddy last night. She was still watching tv. So I went to bed with daddy and there was half the bed - all to myself. So what would Mommy do? I put my head on her pillow and the blankets were just right so I put my little front paws on top of the blankets and went to sleep.
It was great until Mommy came to bed. She sat at the foot (well middle of the bed I am too short) and looked at me.
"your in my spot" she whispered.
I looked at her but didn't move.
"hey minou you have to move that is my spot"
this time I just looked at her out of the corner of my eye. but i still didn't move.
"what do you want me to do go sleep on the couch?"
This time I gave her a kiss cause I thought it was a good idea but I put my head back on her pillow.
"move minou"
she wasn't catching on. so i didn't even look at her and closed my eyes like I was sleeping.
"minou that is mommy's spot"
exactly I'm not moving. i'm sleeping.
but I have my size against me.
That huge mammoth woman just picked me up and sat down in my spot. My nice warm spot. Put her head on my pillow. I ended up sleeping by her feet.
i bet if i let birdie pee half way down the bed mommy won't want to sleep there.... hmmm... must find a way to keep her from sleeping in my new spot.

p.s. mommy is starting to feel better. her b**b is still sore but not as much, still a funny color too. she goes back to the doctor this morning.


  1. minou..tell mommy I am glad she is feeling a little better...

  2. It's terrible unfair when you're small and people can just scoop you up... out of the good spot that you've already got nice and cozy. Did you think about biting her, or growling!!!!! That would of scared her! I'm surprised you haven't got rid of Birdie yet.... maybe you could take her on a "long walk". hee hee!
    I'm glad your Mommy's boob is better! That must of hurt! Don't step on her there.... I know tell Birdie to step on her there.... then she would be in such big trouble!!!! hee hee
    Nibbles, Isa

  3. minou, I hope your mom's appointment at the people vet went OK :)