Tuesday, April 11, 2006

i had to go to the vet yesterday.
not impressed.
It was time for my vaccines - mommy said my birthday is coming up.
The stupid vet also told mom she has to brush my teeth more.
Stupid vet.
This morning Mommy was going to try going for a run again (her run on Sunday was unsuccessful because her b@@b got sore) but now she has cramps! So she is a new painkillers from the doctor and she says she is quite comfortable on the couch and isn't sure if she can stay vertical for more then 5 minutes.
Nice excuse mommy. (her eyes are kinda glazed over and she keeps dazing off at nothing)

Many of you are probably wondering why Mommy is still here - yesterday was supposed to be her first day of work in Europe. Well. Mommy sucks and was fired.
not true.
They keep postponing the movie. It is very frustrating. Mommy and the designer are starting to go to interviews for other jobs. Not sure if they should take them or not. How long do you wait......... how small can your bank account be....
Wednesday we are going to visit Grandpa, Grandma, and Auntie jen, and julien and madelaine and j-rock and yogi. EEEEEE!!!! I am excited to see the people. But not the stupid dogs, they are all big and drool. I have never seen two of them I can only imagine how annoying they are. Maybe I will feed Birdie to them. She has no idea what is about to happen.
It is a 10 hour drive to Calgary through the mountains so I guess I will sleep all day tomorrow in the truck.
Remeber that stuff called knitting... Mommy hasn't touched it in awhile. I have been pressuring her to finish the 3rd skull pirate sweater but no luck.
mommy sucks.

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  1. Poor Mommy. At least she has a chance to let her b**b heal.

    Sophie really likes going to the vet - however, she is not as dignified as you and a bit of a slut for belly rubs.