Saturday, April 29, 2006

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I am three!!!!!!
Mommy has been working in Victoria and I thought she wasn't even going to be home for my birthday but late last night she came home. WITH THE BEST PRESENT EVER - SNOTTY KLEENEXES!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy has a cold and there are snotty kleenexes everywhere. I have shredded several already. This is the BEST birthday. There is even a parade happening into in front of my favourite pet store. I think it is all in my honor. Unfortunately it is raining so I refuse to set foot outside.
Mommy is taking me, Auntie Penny and Birdie to fetch, (the pet store) later to pick out a present. Maybe a Jimmy chew shoe? Then we will stop at the grocery store and get the ingredients for cake.
I promise we will post some pictures - hopefully before Mommy takes the computer back to Victoria.
Mommy had her first class for her 1/2 marathon today - she coughed up a lung but managed to stay with everyone in the class. We all think she is nuts but then I guess we already knew that.
Almost time to get my birthday present.


  1. Happy birthday, Min min. I hope you have a great time watching your parade and going to Fetch.

    Uncle Andrew and I send lots and lots of kisses for you!

    Are you sure you're only three? I can't remember what the world was like without you!

  2. Happy Birthday Minou! Remember to share your cake with Birdy!
    ( What exactly does your mommy mean by"CRAZY" creative people in the sidebar, huh?)

  3. Happy Birthday Minou! Lots of best wishes from the East Coast. My favourite new 'toy' is the bag of papers the man throws on the lawn once a week. My Mommy says the man does not bring the flyers for dogs to play with. If I get to them before Mommy sees them, I rip the plastic bag then I shred the papers. When Mommy discovers what I have done, she has to run all around the front yard gathering up the remnants. When she gets close to me, I leap at her grabbing the papers from her hand then, I run and she has to chase me. It is lots of fun.
    Eat lots of treats.

  4. You have the same birthday as me! I turned two yesterday.
    I got to eat potato chips and play in the dirt.

    Happy birthday Minou! You are so lucky they had a parade for you.