Sunday, April 2, 2006

birdie is an idiot. she knows nothing. Mommy still isn't well. She went to the doctor with Daddy tonight and now has pills to take. if you want TO MUCH INFORMATION this is what is Mommy has. Remember it will be TO MUCH INFORMATION so don't press the link if you don't want to know. I am only sharing this TO MUCH INFORMATION as it has mommy kinda freaked out and if anyone has any comforting experiences with this to share she would appreciate it. Keep in mind Mommy is not breast feeding or going through menopause. (perhaps that was already TOO MUCH INFORMATION)
as a result we didn't do much this weekend. slept alot. Mommy read an entire book in less then 24 hours (daVinci's code - she is probably the last person to read it). Didn't even get our nails cut even though mommy has been talking about it for quite awhile.


  1. Yikes!!! Your poor Mommy. Was the doctor helpful? Will she be okay soon???? :(

  2. Sorry Mommy is not well, tell her we are sending healing vibes from the East Coast. As well tell Mommy I've not read the daVinci's code she is not the last. I'm holding out for the paperback version in May. Read everything else he did though. I've heard it has a lot of information which was in his ANGELS & DEMONS. Form what I've read about the daVinci's code it reminds me of Katherine Neville's book The Eight.

  3. Minou,
    Please give your mommy big kisses from me. If I could, I would fly to where she is right now and sit on the couch with her and a big box of Tim Horton's donuts. Or whatever kind of donuts she wants.

  4. Eek, ouch! Poor boobies! Feel better feverish & sore tetas!

    (The sponsored link when I clicked was Lupus in really big letters--THAT freaked me out)

  5. Mommy has mastitis?! Poor, poor mommy. (the only reason I have heard of that particular ailment is due to graduating from an agricultural university - sorry). She must feel really sick. I hope the medicine makes her better soon...

  6. Geela!
    Get better soon - the world needs your creative mind, body and soul to heal as fast as it can!!!! Hope your wee pooches make your healing days entertaining!!!!
    cheers, Lala

  7. Ang!! I hope you feel better soon, I am so sorry to hear you are sick!

    If it is any consolation, I just bought the paperback version of the DaVinci Code on Sunday. I thought I was the last person on earth to have not read it also.

    You feel better soon :)