Friday, April 21, 2006

so Mommy reads Moe's blog and gets all jealous so her and Daddy got a little out of control.
See pictures below...
Leaky ceiling
Leaky ceiling
Our new exposed ceiling
leaky ceiling

Here are some pictures of my uncles Yogi and J-Rock.
Yogi and Jrock
Yogi's tail and Birdie

Mommy took us to the vet today cause Birdie had lots of diarrhea last night. We both got needles and pills - it sucks...I thought for sure Birdie would just be sent away - Mommy kept mentioning glue factory. Mommy said we better be happy she is working and can afford to pay for the needles. WHATEVER. HOW ABOUT GREENIES!!! Since we have had diarrhea there has been a SEVERE shortage of greenies evern though I KNOW THEY ARE IN THE CLOSET....


  1. oh your poor little thing...I hate needles too... I hope you and Burdee start feeling better soon!!! (and you can stop the cleaning up..Ang)
    BTW Minou you can come live with me anytime ...I live in Western PA....

    I'd have to get you a little Steeler Outfit!!

  2. Oh Min min - I hope you and the Bird-ster are feeling better soon.

    BIG BIG BIG love to you both.

  3. Oh...your ceiling! We don't have any roofers or drywallers in our family so we will have to see what the "guy" says when he comes on friday for our leaky house woes.

    So sorry you two have the trots - I hope you get better soon. Sophie knows ALL about that. She had diarrhea chronically for months as a pup and had lots of $tests$ before the vet(s) decided she just has a sensitive belly. One cheap (thank god) pill a day and she's good to go.