Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mommy is working again...
First she did two days on this they worked long days..
Now she has started this!
She has to go to Victoria to work on it as it is being filmed there. Not quite Poland... Oh well. It is a job, Mommy is happy to be working again.
Birdie and I are happy to be back in Vancouver. Calgary was stressful with all those big dogs. We have more pictures of them but Mommy hasn't put them on the computer yet.
Birdie starts school next week - heh heh heh...

Sunday Mommy and Daddy are doing the 10 km Sun run - I am glad I don't have to go. It is supposed to be really nice outside - 17 degrees C. I hope we can play outside afterwards.

Auntie Penny is staying with us right now. It is nice - if Mommy is at work she stays home and plays with us. Birdie likes her alot.

I was sick in Calgary but I am starting to feel better. Birdie is sick now too - Mommy keeps saying the word vet - EEKS Birdie better get better or ELSE. I had diarrhea and now Birdie does. It is pretty gross.

I'm tired. So is Mommy and so is Birdie. And Daddy.


  1. Sorry to hear you both have been is no fun for either of you or mom's and dad's to have to clean that up.
    Way to go Ang on the new job!

  2. Give your mommy a lot of kisses on the new job -- she's got to keep you and birdie in cookies.

    Yuuck on being sick -- it's pretty dire when the word vet comes up around our house. Sam didn't forgive anmiryam for a week for the last visit.